The Night Agent: Worth the hype? Or should it be left in the dark?

What sets this novel-turned-thriller apart from the rest?

Immy Brown
10th May 2023
Twitter @LemsiLema
Netflix released its latest gripping thriller The Night Agent at the end of March, and only six days later it was renewed for a second series. With yet another Netflix drama based around political corruption and betrayal, join me as I take a look at what makes this nail-biting series so addictive.

Spoilers below!

Based on Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name, this political thriller amassed a whopping 168 million hours of worldwide viewership in its first four days on Netflix – the third highest ever for a new series.

The series stars Gabriel Rosso as Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent who works in the basement of the White House as a Night Action telephone operator. The intensity of the opening scene is reminiscent of Bodyguard (2018), as Peter manages to save a subway full of people from a bomb left on the train. Where other series lose tension after a jaw-dropping opening, the adrenaline only intensifies in this drama, firmly placing you on the edge of your seat for the next nine episodes.

Where other series lose tension after a jaw-dropping opening, the adrenaline only intensifies

The first episode sees Peter answer the phone to Rose, an ex-CEO whose aunt and uncle have just been murdered. From then, Peter is immediately immersed in a world of lies as he tries to protect Rose.

However, before their death, Rose’s aunt and uncle revealed that they were Night Agents working to expose a mole in the White House. Whilst Peter and Rose attempt to finish her relatives’ job, they are followed by a pair of terrifying assassins attempting to silence them.

As the list of who the pair can trust dwindles, Peter and Rose become dependent on each other, and viewers are left wondering how far their relationship will go. But right now romance is the last thing on their minds, as they connect the corruption within the White House to the attempted metro bombing. Pressure mounts and the clock ticks on as they must uncover the mole in the White House before another attack occurs. 

Full of unexpected twists and turns, this thriller is the perfect series for your next Netflix binge. Use it as a break from your deadlines and revision, however, be warned – once you start, it will be impossible to turn off. Lucky for you guys, the second series is already in the works!

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