The One in the New Year

Student Council - 9th February 2023

Katie Siddall
10th February 2023
Council has its ups and down.
The first Student Council of 2023 took place on 9 February. This student council, like a few before, saw all the motions pass! Though members of the council found this council less entertaining than the rest, there was a little resistance during the Open Debate.

Mack Marshall, the Education Officer, had two motions. One of which passed with 100% and, to quote Mack, is to "protect all degrees, for all students, for as long as possible." Whilst the other passed with 93%, it is under question due to the amount of voters in the room. It is currently being looked into as it may not have met quorum.

After all the motions had passed, Afiya Ballard Debois, the Chair of Council, asked if anyone would take any committee seats. Mack stood up to promote the Steering Committee and after his speech - and a few questions about said committee - all three steering places were taken. Afterwards, three places were taken for the Scrutiny Committee - the newly appointed Chair of Scrutiny also stood up and promoted his committee. One of the places was taken by NSR's very own Station Manager, Jimmy Turner.

Once people had nominated themselves for committee places, the Open Debate sparked interest surrounding the SU building. We spoke about what refurbishments people would like to see. With accessibility at the top of the list, many people started to suggest in what ways the building could be more accessible. Furthermore, we turned to look at more fun aspects like having karaoke nights in Luther's and having a Swap Shop, like at Sheffield's SU.

Finally, 9 February was the final Student Council for Angela. Angela has been working with NUSU and Student Council for 19 years. Students have a lot to thank Angela for and we wish her all the best in the future.

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