The perfect diary: How to stay on top of your university schedule

Keeping organised is hard. This article offers advice to those who struggle to keep a diary by reflecting on the writer's own methods

18th October 2022
Image Credits: Pixabay
The perfect diary is an elusive creature, spoken only about in whispers by those who pretend to have transcended the need for further organisation.

I'm here to tell you, all hope is not lost for the messier of folks among us. Personally, the use of separate and distinct diaries is key (preferably in different colours and designs). I use a teal A5 diary, which is separated into days of the week. This is where I record when and where my lectures and seminars are each week. Call me eccentric but after three years of study, I have little trust in Newcastle uni's app timetable.

Call me eccentric but after three years of study, I have little trust in Newcastle uni's app timetable

Doing this will begin your journey towards tackling life’s hectic schedules. In conjuncture, I like to use a different A5 notebook to take notes in during lectures. This will help you to build a base of operations where you can scout, plan, predict and pursue everything you’ve come to University to explore.

For some, this is already too much pen and paper to possibly use in this day ’n’ age. To that I would say, keep the principle the same. Separate where you organise and where you expand into further detail. Decluttered organising is the name of the game; virtual or physical.

Finally I like to use a third diary in a much less formal manner. My yellow felt A5 note book with an embroiled bumble bee on the cover ( very on brand I know ). Here is where I record things that peak my interest: thoughts, feelings and generally frustrated scribbles. This provides a space to both decompress and pull myself together. Giving me, overall, more time and energy to pour into my studies and the things I enjoy in life.

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