Goodbye high street, hello online

Charley Moran shares her thoughts on the impact of Covid-19 to the fashion industry

Charley Moran
16th May 2020
@charlesdeluvio on Unsplash
The high street shops may be shut but at least we still have online shopping to help us feel sane during this time! 

Online stores like Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and ASOS have all had flourishing sales as they shifted their campaigns from the typical beach favourites that they would typically advertise this time of year, to show us how to style up our comfy lockdown outfits instead. 

And honestly, you are not short for choice, there is so much on offer from matching pyjama sets to complete glam looks that are giving us the chance to enjoy lockdown in style!

Even high street brands like Zara have jumped on board and are now offering free delivery so we can enjoy their iconic pieces at no extra cost. But for the popular high street brand Primark, a dark cloud has overcast their sales, as they brought in £0 profit last month. The main reason being their lack of online presence which meant they’ve fallen behind their competitors. Their high levels of stock simply scream huge sale when they re-open and I can promise I will 100% be first in line.

One thing Primark have done however is donated nightgowns and slippers to hospitals which adds to this growing sense of generosity from humanity within the country. In my opinion, if they can build an efficient online presence, they may be able to come out of this pandemic well, but if not is it the beginning of the end for high street stores?

There is much debate on this topic of online clothes shopping. The big question being is this morally right? Is this essential? Should factory workers etc have to go to work just to satisfy our clothes shopping needs?

At first, I felt guilt and that we should not be doing this. But as the pandemic has become the main topic of discussion within a business, I have realised that they have implemented the measures required to keep their employees safe. Also keeping distance whilst working as they have the space to do so in the factories, and deliveries can successfully deliver whilst socially distancing. Meaning everyone required to work for the process of online shopping is safe. It means that they can keep their job, keep their income, and provide for their families.

On top of this online shopping is also proving to subconsciously benefit people’s mental health. Online shopping can not only be a coping mechanism for those who love their wardrobes full but can also make us feel more positive. The fun of scanning through clothes online and putting the outfits together in our heads, followed by seeing it all come together when that parcel, or parcels, arrives at your door.

Overall, online shopping is good for our mental health as it creates a sense of normality in this uncommon situation that has been bringing people down. Online clothes shopping can help to put a smile on everyone’s face and give us the motivation and excitement for what is to come in the fashion world after the pandemic is finally over.

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