The Question of a Lifetime: When should we start to watch Christmas movies?

The age old question - when is it acceptable to watch Christmas movies? See what this writer has to add to the discussion.

Marketa Schulzova
6th December 2023
Image Source: Pixabay @JillWellington

There happens to be a lot of debate and a lot of jokes regarding how fast our feelings towards the seasons change. Once the Halloween festivities are over and by the midnight of 1st November, there's a voice of Mariah Carey and her iconic All I Want for Christmas... is YOU! So sure, there is a lot of discussion and memes, but the question after all stays the same: is there any appropriate date to be fully in the Christmas mood?

I start with my personal suggestion: Christmas movies shouldn't be a 'thing' before Halloween, Bonfire Night or any other festivities which precede this holiday. I understand that Christmas is forever the most popular and commercial promoted holiday, but let's be serious here - a Christmas tree in October?!? That seems a little too rushed, I think.

'finding your way in which to feel merry and bright is after all the perfect answer!'

So, what makes the festive feeling? Is it the music? The Christmas lights in the streets? Baileys hot chocolate? There are a lot of things connected with the season and I don't dare to say which is the most important. But what I have learned living in the North East, is the importance of a Greggs "Festive Bake". That seems to be the Geordie way of welcoming the Christmas season in.

But on the topic of movies, just go with your gut. Do you feel like you need a bit of magic and fairy atmosphere in your life but the weather outside seems more depressing? Watch a Christmas movie. Are you missing the snow and people building a snowman outside? Go and watch some Christmas movies.

There are plenty of reasons why we like to watch this specific genre, like it's ability to make you feel warmer and lighter. You know best when you feel that way and if you don't celebrate it by film marathons, that's okay too - finding your way is after all the perfect answer for such a topic.

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AUTHOR: Marketa Schulzova
I am a current postgraduate student of International Multimedia Journalism. I have so many interests, but most of them contains arts, culture, environment and daily lives topics.

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