The Real Treasure Island

Meg Blount writes on the beauty of Santorini.

Meg Blount
30th November 2020
On our extraordinary earth there are a myriad of remarkable locations which we are lucky enough to explore. Due to our incredible travel resources, most of us can fulfil our desires to trot around the globe, divulging into the immersive experience of new destinations.

It is safe to say that to single out one dream location in such a vibrant world is a near impossibility. However, if the minor inconvenience of COVID-19 did not exist and I could hop on a plane today, I would chose to jet off to the Greek island of Santorini, one of the many places I wish to visit.

The southernmost island of the Cyclades features alluring architecture within its picturesque landscape. The traditional cubical houses are arguably the signature attraction of Santorini as the whitewashed walls magnificently contrast with the startling blue domed roofs, creating a bold metropolitan peninsula.


The layout of the dwellings is also complemented by a plethora of spiralling stone pathways and the labyrinthine streets and alleys, enchantingly welcoming the discovery of hidden nooks and the opportunity to become freely lost in beautiful surroundings. The sunsets of the island are widely admired for their alluring hues and photogenic splendour.

Would it not be blissful to wander around Santorini watching the sun slowly disappear into the Aegean Sea?


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