The return of Killing Eve

Amy Brown talks Killing Eve season three. Does it still pack the same punch?

Amy K Brown
13th April 2020
Credit: IMDb, Des Willie/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle
The time has finally come. Killing Eve season 3 has began. Our favourite cat and mouse thriller has returned earlier than planned, granting all of our lockdown wishes. This is your official episode one spoiler warning! 

While normally us UK fans are left waiting, BBC America is releasing the episode on iPlayer the morning after it shows in the USA. It will be coming out each week, so no binge watching here, but I think Killing Eve is worth the wait. For this third season, the team of producers and writers were reshuffled yet again. I do find myself missing Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s dark and complex writing, but this first episode still gave me what I wanted. 

The early reviews showed a lot of mixed feelings, with some claiming that Killing Eve has lost its way. I didn’t exactly find this. However, I do think that the first season was as close to perfection as any show has ever been. The following season didn’t quite match up, although I still loved it. Season 3 will most likely follow suit, with it feeling more normal and less high concept. But the quality of the acting, the style, and the intricate plot still puts it above most other shows right now. I find Killing Eve to be completely addicting, and it would take a really messy plot line for me to stop watching entirely. 

It’s getting harder and harder for the writers to think of ways to keep Eve and Villanelle apart

Let’s get into some specifics. After that cliffhanger at the end of season 2, the Killing Eve writers really had their work cut out for them. I wasn’t the biggest fan of how the last season ended, what with it feeling slightly rushed. Obviously, Eve (Sandra Oh) survived the gunshot, though it’s clear that Villanelle (Jodie Comer) isn’t aware of this yet. It’s getting harder and harder for the writers to think of ways to keep Eve and Villanelle apart now, so we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.  In episode 1, we’re introduced to Villanelle’s old handler, Dasha, who wants to work with her again. They have a compelling dynamic, and it was enough to temporarily distract us from thinking about Villanelle and Eve.

We meet Eve again, who is dealing with the trauma from Rome, and now working as a chef. She is laying low, and visiting Nico who appears to be in rehab. She reconnects with Kenny as he escapes Carolyn’s grip, and is now working at an online publication. Though it seems he has not left his previous life behind, keeping tabs on the Twelve. The episode ends with a classic Killing Eve cliffhanger, that sees Kenny facing the consequences of getting too close to the Twelve. I can’t say much more on that because to be honest, I’m sad. 

Credit: IMDb, Laura Radford/ BBCAmerica/ Sid Gentle

It might not be as perfect as season 1, but Killing Eve still has the wit and the ability to hook you right from the start. Jodie Comer is as brilliant as ever. Villanelle’s outfits and her addicting personality is reason enough to keep watching. Sandra Oh is amazing, now having the opportunity to add even more complexity to her character. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see our two favourites reunite. Now it's just a waiting game. When will Villanelle find out Eve is alive? And how long will they be able to stay away from each other? 

Catch Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer, every Monday from 6am.

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AUTHOR: Amy K Brown
Head of Culture. @akathrynbrwn on Twitter.

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