The return of the Discover Newcastle Fair!

Does this fair really help us 'discover' Newcastle?

Libby Griffiths
27th February 2023
Image credit: instagram @newcastlesu
I didn’t even know there was a ‘Discover Fair’ until one of my friends suggested we go check it out for freebies and to see what it was all about. But, I can’t lie, it was very underwhelming.

Most of the brands/companies represented were chains, and I would’ve liked to see independently run businesses. Or, something more helpful for university students, like future careers, etc. I just felt this event didn’t represent the businesses and companies exclusive to Newcastle - more a reflection of every city in the UK.

Did I learn more about Newcastle and what the city has to offer? Not really

I did appreciate the free Dr Pepper, two food recipes from ‘Pure Gym’, and the free candy floss from the teaching stand. So, it was fun and I did enjoy myself. But, did I learn more about Newcastle and what the city has to offer? Not really.

However, chatting with the Drag Queens from Bobby’s, and watching others participate in the squat and plank challenges from ‘Pure Gym’ was definitely worth the trip. Most of all, dancing on the circular stand for a short video from Shein. Despite the irony of having it placed next to a vintage pop-up rail, which I thought was hilarious.

If the event was better planned, with more Geordie-specific events and stands, I would’ve liked it more and found it useful. But, I’d do anything for a free Dr Pepper. So I’d rate it a solid ⅗.

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