The rise of the mocktail

Non-drinkers are on the rise in the UK, so are mocktails a good alternative?

Scarlett Welch
21st February 2022
Image Credit: Pixabay
Since the pandemic, the UK has seen a huge rise in the sales of non-alcoholic drinks - often known as ‘mocktails’. 

There are several reasons why non-alcoholic drinks have become more popular. Many people don’t drink for their health, their religion or a variety of other personal reasons. Whatever the reason, it’s important that non-drinkers have a variety of options when out for a drink, and ones that aren’t just fruit juice. 

These drinks have become a lot more sophisticated over the past few years, with many bars offering alcohol-free versions of classic cocktails, such as flavoured mojitos and pornstar martinis. Particularly with movements such as ‘Dry January’, it seems that bars are certainly starting to see the value of mocktails.

But are they a good alternative for non-drinkers?

It is certainly more enjoyable when you’re not drinking to still have the experience of a cocktail, which are generally largely about the presentation. It also helps to normalise not drinking, as it does not make it painfully obvious that you aren’t drinking as your drink looks the same as your friends’. Additionally, the flavours in a mocktail can be much more interesting than a traditional soft drink. 

However, bars often seem to overcharge for mocktails. Cocktails are renowned for their price, and it appears that companies are using this excuse to charge a similar price for non-alcoholic versions, which will be costing them far less to produce. Whilst it is great that non-alcoholic drinks are becoming more popular, any trendy drink tends to be overpriced.

Despite this, it seems that mocktails are a great alternative for non-drinkers. They’re fun and full of flavour, and they make not drinking less of a big deal. Looking forward, it would be great to see an increasing variety of options at affordable prices, as they become ever more popular.

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