The Silence of the Lambs TV sequel 'Clarice' coming to CBS

George Bell fills us in on the details of Silence of the Lambs sequel series, based around Clarice Starling

George Bell
15th March 2020
Image: IMDb
Fans of Hannibal rejoice as we are soon getting another spin-off show for the iconic Silence of the Lambs (1991). This time, rather than following our favourite cannibal in all his fava bean escapades, the show will follow FBI special agent, Clarice Starling.

Set to release by CBS, details about the show are currently few and far between. We know that it's called Clarice and a script for a pilot has been made, with hopes to make a full show out of it. Obviously, CBS is not available in the UK but previous shows like The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek: Discovery became available here on Channel 4 and Netflix so hopefully Clarice will follow suit.

But who will star in the show? How will it explore the character of Clarice? When will it be set? There are loads of questions to be answered but unfortunately little information to help answer them. So, time to put on our speculation caps as to what will happen. Clarice is such a complex and intriguing character so hopefully nothing is off limits.

It was announced that Rebecca Breeds (Pretty Little Liars, The Originals) will be the newest Clarice for the CBS show.

In the original 1991 film Silence of the Lambs, Clarice Starling was played brilliantly by the amazing Jodie Foster. She didn’t reprise the role for the 2001 sequel Hannibal, with Julianne Moore taking over. It was announced that Rebecca Breeds (Pretty Little Liars, The Originals) will be the newest Clarice for the CBS show. It could be interesting if the show follows a more veteran Clarice, dealing with her past dealings with Hannibal and Buffalo Bill while also taking on new cases. And hopefully we will get a few references (or even a cameo) from the cannibal himself, be it, Sir Antony Hopkins or Mads Mikkelsen.

Rebecca Breeds casted as Clarice Starling. Credit: IMDb

We can’t talk about this new show without mentioning the fantastic Hannibal show starring Mads Mikkelsen. Acting as a prequel to the original movie, the show was well received and helped develop the character into more than just a psychopath. Hopefully, the Clarice show will be able to do the same by building on what the universe has already created with further exploration of this character.

The show was announced back in January so unfortunately, it looks like we won’t get to watch it until 2021 at the earliest. Despite the lack of details, I am looking forward to it. For now, the rumour mill is open for business and be sure to keep an eye out for more details on Clarice.

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