The top 5 television couples of all time

Winifred Hewitt-Wright shares her all-time favourite romantic duos in television that you should watch this Valentine's.

Winifred Hewitt-Wright
21st February 2019
House of Cards' Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) who features twice in this list!

It was only after deciding what my favourite TV couples are that I realised just how millennial I sound, but there we are. In no particular order, here are my favourite TV couples of 2019, in light of this year’s Valentine’s celebrations.

Frank and Claire Underwood

Our first partnering on the list is the infamous power couple in Netflix’s award-winning series House of Cards. Directors James Foley and David Fincher kindly keep it under wraps as to how much Claire knows of Frank’s wrongdoing, that is, murder, lying, cheating, manipulating and all round being a terrible person. However, this dynamic creates a real investment in the show: will Claire see him for who he really is? Has she been in on it the whole time? How much does she know? Should we like her, or even trust her at all? And, amongst all their scheming, together or otherwise, somehow, there is something endearing about their loyalty to one another, and something exciting about being a fly-on-the-wall witness to their corruption.

Claire Underwood/ Claire Hale and herself

In light of the series’ choice to make Claire president after Kevin Spacey was infamously axed from the show, it would be wrong to not include Claire on the list in her own right. Without Frank, Claire is stronger than ever.

Klaus and Caroline

My favourite couple in Netflix’s series The Vampire Diaries, hands down. Klaus, also my favourite of any male character in the series (Sorry Damon, you’re second), and Caroline, undoubtedly my favourite female character, the two together become the best thing to ever happen. Whatever it is about them, I can’t be sure, whether it’s the whole taming the bad boy scenario or their intense sexual chemistry, the fact he painted a portrait of her, would do anything to protect her, the intellectual upper-hand she has over him, him being just the fittest alpha male on any TV programme ever…

Cook and Effy

Could anyone else not stand Freddy’s incessant self-pitying whining and complete sense of entitlement? Doesn’t everyone in world just fancy Every. Single. Thing. Jack O’Connell ever does?

Mark and Jez

I don’t know if it’s just me, but with time all my friendships slowly manifest into this dynamic, that is, bar killing the dog of the girl you want to bang and then eating it in front of her and her father. But in all seriousness, Mark and Jez aren’t quite a power couple, but they are the partnership that all of us ever needed. Someone who will roast you every day of your life but who will be there until your last, now that’s the only Valentine’s day date you could ever ask for.

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