The trailer for the mysterious Moon Knight is here

Oscar Isaac has a suspicious English accent and Marvel goes horror in Moon Knight.

Emily Kelso
18th February 2022
Credit: YouTube, Marvel Entertainment's Trailer of Moon Knight
Moon Knight (2022) is the latest in a series of Marvel TV shows to be exclusively released on Disney Plus. These TV shows are leagues apart from their Marvel TV predecessors (such as Agent Carter (2015-2016) and Agents of Shield (2013-2020)) in terms of their backing from Marvel and production value. You can tell Marvel care more about making content for TV now than they did before, which is an incredible disservice to the shows of before, but I digress.

Moon Knight certainly matches the hallmarks of the “new” Marvel TV show: tantalising story line; ample resources; tackling new issues and taking Marvel characters in new directions or introducing totally new characters. The trailer is almost reminiscent of a psychological thriller/horror with a beautifully synced soundtrack to match.

The trailer is almost reminiscent of a psychological thriller/horror with a beautifully synced soundtrack to match.

Moon Knight is akin to Eternals (2021) in that, aside from the Marvel branding, there is very little present to indicate the series is even set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it allows the series to be excellent independently of the MCU. Similarly, if the MCU is to expand as the ‘core’ members depart from our screens, these new heroes need to be able to work independently just like the first MCU heroes did. Iron Man (2008) did not have the luxury of a well-established cinematic universe after all.

The trailer has resulted in a rather hilarious point of contention amongst fans: what in the fresh hell is that English accent? Some defend the accent, suggesting it is part of the plot, whereas others are more critical. Oscar Isaac himself even mimicked the now-notorious accent during a trailer reaction but otherwise said absolutely nothing of value on the debate. Tease.

Credit: IMDb, Oscar Isaac stars in Moon Knight

In terms of questions I have after the trailer, there are a few. Who is Oscar Issac’s character? To what extent does this fit in with MCU canon? Perhaps, most importantly, is the questionable English accent a sign of plot points to come or is it simply a sign that Oscar Isaac needs to go back to an acting school where Dick Van Dyke isn’t in charge of teaching accents?

Regardless, I eagerly await Moon Knight.

YouTube: Marvel Entertainment Moon Knight Official Trailer
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AUTHOR: Emily Kelso
Third year History and Archaeology student. Also a Comment Sub-Editor.

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