The true icons of Halloween

Iona May Todd reminds us of the ultimate Halloween goals of seasons past brought to you by your favourite celebs

Iona May Todd
17th October 2019
Image- Pixabay
Werewolves? Vampires? Zombies? Those trends are dead. Instead, we have the treat of peeking at the more iconic screams of Hollywood nightlife, crawling with supervillains, the unnatural and…ogres?

Thinking of going as a ghost? Again? It’s an aborigine of all things scary, deathly true, and if you’re in two minds of channelling Lady Gaga’s 2014 rendition of the cover of ‘sheet ghost’ chic, then I like your style this Hallo-season. Yet, with every passing year, celebrities are known to hand in the towel on classics, and opt for the more heterogenous homages to Halloween.

Heidi Klum– Princess Fiona (2018)

Didn’t you know that a synonym of Halloween was ‘Heidi Klum’?
Scream Queen herself, supermodel Heidi Klum donned her eponymous annual Halloween party last year as the red-headed royal; decked from the green jewel-stones of her dress to the piercing cartoon blue of her pupils. Onlookers bowed to the resurgence of Dreamworks’ 2001 film-franchise success, seeing the most famous cartoon ogre – alongside Shrek (boyfriend, Tom Kaultiz) – strut with a green-hazed glare, scaring the city of New York senseless.(Baby ogres too, sat in a trolley in tow).

Rihanna – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
Singer in the half-shell, 2014 saw the gnarly-est crime fighters rise up from underground. Ri-Ri took her swords to the streets and rolled up as reptile Raphael from the classic Saturday morning cartoon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In her a little less than child-friendly costume, Rihanna stepped out of the shadows in a classic red lip, with less than classically green hair (because can’t you tell that green is totally in with every Halloween?), followed by fellow clique in total turtle power – battle-ready under the moon of the 31st. Armed and anthropomorphic, she inspired festoons of fans to imitate the image afterwards. If that doesn’t answer your question enough, then yes, she did live up to the theme tune, and yes, she was ‘really hip.’

Nick Jonas – The Hamburgler (2015)
I don’t know about you, but as a child, there were nights I’d bolt awake, a stretch of sweat spindling down my back. The waft of hamburgers would filter through the room; spritz me in sensory fear. I’d dream of The Hamburgler – those terrific woes.

What I mean by that is, Nick Jonas, armed in checked stripes and burger prints was bound to strike painful fear into the hearts of fans, dressed as McDonalds’ maniacal sidekick, The Hamburgler. In his hellish hat, matching the ominous mask, true terror of Halloween is unleashed in this singer’s iconic costume. And although I would like to go into further detail on this one, quite honestly, the panic, the chills, the horror, it’s setting in too soon.

Emily Ratajkowski – Marge Simpson (2015)
Needless of an introduction, the most iconic character on the list adorns one large wig, and what some people may refer to as a bad spray tan. Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski dispels the nature of the classic ghost, or the cat, opting for an essence of the iconic in standing scary when braced in her red pearls, matching shoes and green dress; all the comparts of a going-out outfit, and the ability to dress as TV’s favourite blue-haired mother. Already got all of the above? Then grab your Homie and turn this sleepy Springfield into spooks-ville this Halloween night.

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