The Ultimate Guide to Bars in Newcastle: where is best to go before hitting the clubs?

Which Newcastle bars take the top spot for pre-drinks?

Amana Khan
21st November 2023
Image Credits: Pixabay, Skitterphoto
Newcastle is full of bars and pubs that are a great place to go for pre-drinks before you inevitably end up having too many red pints or trebs and decide to go out for a boogie ... but there are certain places that out-do all the other bars in the city and that uni students cannot stay away from.

Of course, everyone is partial to going to spoons or another local pub in the city center, but as someone who has been in Newcastle for a few years now, nothing will ever beat the atmosphere of Osborne Road.

From Bar Blanc to Osbornes to Jam Jar, there is a multitude of bars in Jesmond that all uni students roll into and never leave. The atmosphere, the presence of other students, and the cheap drinks (especially on a Tuesday) have allowed the bars on Osborne Road to become a staple part of any student’s university experience.

The bars on Osborne Road are, without a doubt, the hub for students to go to before a night out

I don’t think that anyone can escape going into them and not leave in the direction of the last metro, ready to either head to Market Shaker, Soho or Holy Hobo. And don’t forget the significance of £2 Tuesdays. Every Tuesday you will see a plethora of students heading to these bars in Jesmond, for £2-ish pints, which then leads to double vodkas, maybe some jagers, and definitely ending up going out out.

The bars on Osborne Road are, without a doubt, the hub for students to go to before a night out or even just for a drink or two. Whether you are a Blanc or Osbornes kind of person, it is this road you want to go to.

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