The ultimate science quiz

Take a well-deserved break from revision and essay writing and see how much basic science do you really know!

16th May 2016

1. What is spaghettification?

a) Making spaghetti

b) What happens to someone falling towards a blackhole

c) The division of a molecule into its component atoms

d) Process by which geckos drop their tails under stress

2. Why is the sea salty?

a) From decomposed marine plants such as sea weed

b) A tanker accidentally spilled thousands of tonnes of salt

c) It is washed in from the surrounding land

d) So the fish can do tequila properly

3. Why doesn’t the moon fall down?

a) It is rapidly moving sideways, avoiding Earth

b) It is hung there by Donald Trump

c) It is stuck between the gravitational pull of Earth and Mars

d) The moon is made of cheese which just floats in space


4. Why is the sky blue?

a) Atmospheric molecules scatter blue light more than other colours on the spectrum

b) All the water molecules in air contain blue pigments

c) The sun’s light reflects off the ocean

d) The sky is actually colourless, it is how our brain interprets the incoming light

5. Why onions make you cry?

a) They are the bullies of the vegetable world

b) Air gets trapped between the layers, rots and dries your eyes

c) They don’t, it’s all lies.

d) They produce the chemical syn-propanethial-S-oxide which forms sulphuric acid

6. What is a cat righting reflex?

a) When a cat recognizes that you are stressed and comes to you to hug and purr to make you feel better

b) A fighting technique in karate, that’s scientifically proven to throw the opponent off their feet

c) The reason why a cat always lands on its feet

d) Fancy name for when a cat looks at their servants (owners) mildly irritated and aloof, putting them in their proper place


7. Why do chameleons change colours?

a) To reflect their mood

b) To disguise themselves from predators

c) To attract the opposite gender

d) They don’t- it’s a myth

8. When was the first iPhone released?

a) 2005

b) 2006

c) 2007

d) 2008

9. What was the hottest capital in 2015?

a) New Delhi

b) Kuwait City

c) Cairo

d) Astana

10. Why do trees drop leaves?

a) It’s a form of reproduction

b) To conserve chlorophyll

c) To grow stronger leaves

d) To survive cold winter


answers: 1b, 2c, 3a, 4a, 5d, 6c, 7a, 8c, 9b, 10d

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