The ultimate soup to keep you cozy this autumn

Marcel Shamshoum shares his tasty red lentil soup recipe to enjoy during the autumn months

Marcel Shamshoum
6th October 2020
Image by Marcel Shamshoum

Like me, many people might view soups as a dish you eat when being sick. However, this particular soup is unique from your classic chicken or vegetable broth. The red lentil soup is traditionally eaten during autumn and winter in the middle east. Simple and easy to make this bowl of goodness is perfect for the new season.  

Red Lentil Soup

 Serves 4-6 people 


4-5 tbsp olive oil 

1 large onion 

2 cups of red split lentils 

4-5 cups of boiling water 

1 tsp ground cumin 

Juice of 2 lemons 

Salt to taste


Method :

  1. Shred the onion using a greater or chop very finely 
  2. In a pot add the olive oil and let it heat up for 3 minutes on medium to high heat.
  3. Once the oil is heated sauté the onions until soft and pale.
  4. Rinse and add the lentils to the onions, combine well; then add the water, cumin and salt.
  5.   Boil for 40 to 50 minutes on medium heat; stirring occasionally until lentils loose shape. After this it is optional using a hand blender to blend the soup for a silkier and smoother texture. 
  6. At this point of you see it’s a bit thick, you may ad ½ to 1 cup of water. 
  7. Add lemon juice and adjust seasoning to taste. 
  8. Serve with a sprinkle of sumac toasted bread and some spring onions and radishes on the side. If you drink alcohol this soup pairs well with red cabernet sauvignon wine. 
Image by Marcel Shamshoum

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