The "Unbelievable" Chris Kamara to leave Sky Sports

After 24 years, Kammy will retire from Sky Sports

Katie Siddall
18th May 2022
Image: The Courier
The 2021-2022 season holds a lot of memories: Sean Dyche getting sacked, Everton in the relegation battle, Bournemouth returning to the Premier League and, personally, Sheffield Wednesday gaining a spot in the play-offs. However, none of this comes close to the news that Chris 'Kammy' Kamara is leaving Sky Sports after 24 years.

There have only been highlights in Kammy's career at Sky Sports, even if they are slightly unconventional! We will always remember the mistakes he made - but they aren't remotely labelled as mistakes in our minds. Kammy has stolen our hearts many times on national television and we only wish he could carry on.

His retirement comes shortly after his diagnosis of a speech apraxia disorder following a thyroid condition. Before his diagnosis, Kammy gave fans and viewers a scare whilst slurring words on screen. He was first diagnosed back in March and has since decided it is time to lay down the microphone and headset at football stadiums across the country.

YouTube: SoccerAM

Kammy's legacy at Sky Sports, on Soccer Saturday, Soccer AM and and Goals on Sunday will forever be remembered across the generations - maybe even more than his career as a footballer.

Chris Kamara played for the likes of Sheffield and Leeds United

He frequently starts banter on our screens with Jeff Stelling, who he frequently names Carly, and occasionally Jeff starts the banter with Kammy.

The most infamous clip of the pair is during a match between Portsmouth and Blackburn when Jeff turned to Kammy when Portsmouth's Vanden Borre was sent off after a second bookable offence. Kammy, confused, did not realise Vanden Borre had been sent off but instead thought he had merely substituted! Along with a lot of laughter, Kammy was able to smoothly play it off and was able to carry the viewers through the game which he had supposedly been watching.

YouTube: Sky Sports Football
Twitter: @chris_kammy

Along with many other similar scenarios, Kammy and Jeff have become on-screen brothers and their relationship blossoms in front of cameras as well as behind. Kammy caught our attention on Twitter with Jeff after announcing his retirement - obviously Unbelievable Jeff is as gutted as we are with the news.

Kamara has stood, literally, in many situations with a camera on him as he pundits... these include moments where he is too involved with watching the football to report, where he miscommunicates and where he just doesn't know! Any other pundit would have (probably) been fired but not our Kammy, who keeps viewers enthralled in every programme he is on.

Soccer Saturday will miss Kammy's involvement, excitement, enthusiasm and, of course, his coinage of the term "Unbelievable Jeff!" Hopefully, we will see him in many, many tweets to come with football updates and with any luck he won't stop using his many, many iconic phrases.

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