The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

Buried in grief and suffering from an over-active imagination, Anna (Kristen Bell) tries to get to the bottom of a brutal murder.

Imogen Smillie
22nd February 2022
Image Credit: IMDb
No spoilers on this one, I am just hoping to try and make sense of all the seemingly organised chaos!

In this series, we see casserole-loving artist, Anna (Kristen Bell), fall in love with the handsome neighbour across the street. As the show goes on, more and more is revealed about her tortured past, filled with loss and mourning, leaving her to isolate herself and become the nosey neighbour on the classic suburban street in the US. One night she is busy checking in on her new crush when she witnesses a brutal murder...or does she?

Now you might be thinking, you either witness or murder or you don’t - it’s pretty clear cut! Well, Anna is on medication for her mental health and indulges in more alcohol than she ought to. This combination casts doubt on her reliability, so it's no wonder she isn't entirely sure. From there, the story unfolds, revealing more about the woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window - get it now?

Now the title does fittingly represent the chaotic nature of the show. Don’t let that phase you.

This thriller-come-murder mystery, crossed with a very dry sense of humour, gives a little something for everyone, mainly a huge amount of intrigue. It has been suggested that the title is a spoof of other titles such as The Woman in the Window, The Girl on the Train, and The House Across the Lake, but this may just be the confusion of it all trying to be explained.

And just when you think everything has been explained, we are left on a cliff-hanger at the end of series 1.

Kristen Bell as Anna; Image Credit: IMDb

Another series has yet to be confirmed, but fingers crossed for more cringe-worthy scripts partnered strangely with a detailed murder mystery.

Series 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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