The World's Big Sleep Out comes to Newcastle

Alex Downing discusses December's upcoming 'Big Sleep Out', aimed at raising money to aid the homeless.

Alex Downing
15th October 2019
An estimated 4,677 human beings sleep rough on any one night in England. The World’s Big Sleep out encourages people to experience these same conditions and in turn raise a target sum of £40,000,000 to help 1,000,000 homeless and displaced people around the world.

The World's Big Sleep Out is an attempt to get 50,000 people sleeping rough in unison to raise funds to help those who face it on a daily basis. There will be sleep outs on the same day across 50 locations worldwide. The Sleep Out has been supported by several prominent individuals. Helen Mirren will support the cause on the night by reading a bedtime story to those taking part at London's Trafalgar Square, whilst Will Smith will do the same in Times Square, New York.

The general expectations of what 'homelessness' looks like are not the only issues that the Big Sleep Out are aiming to tackle: street homelessness is indeed one the largest issues at hand, but the charity also aims to support those who are experiencing different kinds of homelessness, for example extreme poverty.  100% of donations will go to the 1.1 billion worldwide who live in inadequate housing, and the 100 million who have no housing whatsoever, having been displaced due to war, natural disasters and extreme poverty.

It has been estimated that Newcastle alone has a homeless population of 200, which, with a population of 296,000, equates to 1 in 1,482.

Alongside locations such as London, New York, New Delhi and Amsterdam, The World’s Big Sleep out is to hold an event in Newcastle. It has been estimated that Newcastle alone has a homeless population of 200, which, with a population of 296,000, equates to 1 in 1,482. Figures are likely to be higher than this in reality. For those interested in getting involved in this event, it will take place in Exhibition Park on Saturday 7th December 2019. Registration online is now open- each registration donates £15, although donations are not limited to this fee.

Half of any donations made at the Newcastle event will go towards supporting people displaced internationally whilst the  other half will support Street Zero, a local organisation which aims to end rough sleeping in Newcastle by 2020. The charity uses their fund to help individuals overcome struggles and get off the streets.

For more information on the World's Big Sleep Out or how to get involved in Newcastle's homelessness crisis visit the charity’s website.

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