'This is the way' that Dave Filoni is saving Star Wars

From iconic, to sketchy, to worse, how has Dave Filoni helped save the Star Wars franchise?

Imogen Smillie
22nd May 2023
Image: IMDB
It is safe to say that the Star Wars franchise has taken quite a few dips since the original trilogy. Personally, I think they are underrated, but most die-hard fans do not have the highest opinions of the prequels. Then moving on to the tragedy that was the sequels, the Skywalker saga had a less than satisfying ‘ending’. Luckily, a certain cowboy hat wearing Mr Dave Filoni was using TV as a way to help save this franchise (and as we all know, TV is much better than film…).

I think George Lucas should thank Filoni…

7 seasons, 133 episodes spanning over 12 years, Star Wars: The Clone Wars gave fans even more insight into the life of the Jedi’s before the dreaded Order 66. Introducing the role of the Mandalorian’s during this time, Filoni was beginning to show creative genius in his writing. Despite of this, not many understood the importance of this show – it was technically made for kids TV! Releasing on Disney XD, the show only gained in popularity over time as audiences began to delve deeper into the Star Wars franchise. After its success, he also wrote and released The Bad Batch and Rebels. Being completely honest, I only understand the basics of these series. But what we can all agree is important is the relationships, especially the introduction of Ahsoka Tano.

Image: IMDB

Now onto my favourite series of Filoni’s, The Mandalorian was released during the pandemic in 2020 on Disney+. Joining forces with Iron Man director Jon Favreau, this is the first live action show based on The Clone Wars. With a crew of star-studded directors (including Taika Waititi) the first season of The Mandalorian was a smash hit. For the die-hard fans, it was time to understand how this society survived after the downfall of their home world, Mandalore. For the newbies (like me) it was to ogle over baby Grogu chomping on frogs. Everyone’s favourite Daddy, Pedro Pascal, has formed the perfect relationship with the little Jedi allowing Filoni and the team to capitalise on the love and create two more seasons with them both. Season 3 has recently been released and shows just how successful this franchise can be with a little love and creative thinking for the characters involved.

Luckily, a certain cowboy hat wearing Mr Dave Filoni was using TV as a way to help save this franchise

Bringing back Boba Fett allowed for further understanding of the sequels and how they link to The Clone Wars series and The Mandalorian. Filoni and Favreau have had such big success that the shows are much anticipated with every Disney+ release, whether Grogu is there or not. In the coming months, Ahsoka returns with her own show, following the events of Filoni’s other animated series’ The Bad Batch and Rebels. Bringing back Snips for her own girl boss show, it’s time to continue this new and improved saga. I think George Lucas should thank Filoni…

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