This month’s Fashion Show Highlights

Emily Atkinson tells us what she thinks about three outstanding Fashion Week shows

6th March 2017

Alexander Wang

As always, Alexander Wang graced his audience with a collection that exudes elegance combined with a sharp city edge. Wang presented an all-black collection, featuring a lot of leather, mesh and netting. The show was held the RKO Hamilton Theatre in New York, described by Nicole Phelps describes as, ‘a fabulous wreck up on the corner of Broadway’. It seems that there was no need for an after party with the electric atmosphere created by Wang; Phelps depicts, ‘an elevated square runway; a security guard periodically walk[ing] the perimeter asking folks to take their Peronis off the stage’, whilst the music is ‘rap heavy on the f-bombs’. This sounds more like an exclusive London night club than a fashion show, attended by the likes of A$AP Rocky, Kendall Jenner, and Nicola Peltz. Wang’s designs are reminiscent of London’s party scene, exuding glamour with a punky twist. His use of chains, studs and rhinestones worn by fierce looking models projected an image of urban cool with a hint of rebelliousness.

Victoria, Victoria Beckham

Like so many of us, runway reporter Chioma Nnadi recognises the transformation in Victoria Beckham’s signature style. After reviewing the Victoria Victoria Beckham collection, she remarks, ‘It’s funny to think that once upon a time, figure hugging dresses were Victorian Beckham’s calling card.’ Indeed, this collection appears to mark the beginning of a more effortless, self-confident designer, with anything but body-con- an ‘elegant blouse and a pair of silk dojo-style trousers.’ Despite being the little sister brand to the label she shows in New York, the collection evokes freshness and originality from start to finish, arguably presenting itself as her most personal range.

Beckham’s choice of greyish tones throughout the collection reflect the urban setting of her very own concrete jungle, as she embraces London’s quirkiness with more casual, sportier references than in previous collections. As Beckham endeavours to carve her own path in the fashion industry, she also appears to be ‘perfecting her personal style’ and Beckham’s ‘soft spot for menswear-inspired tailoring’ still lingers in the background. Overall, the line is predicted to be a crowd pleaser, and with it’s easy-going attitude and stylish edge how could it not be?

Mary Kantrantzou

Mary Katrantzou brought fairy-tale to London Fashion Week this fall. Though not as daring as her previous collections, Katrantzou achieved elegance and visionary beauty in the ethereality of her collection and her use of pixie-like models. Her choice of soft tones such as bubble gum pink, lilac, and yellow created an otherworldly essence of magic evoked by her designs; as suggested by runway reporter Sarah Mower, ‘Katrantzou dived into the world of Walt Disney’s Fantasia’, with beaded embroideries inspired by the sound waves of the 1940s dreamlike animation. Inspired by the world of Disney and film Katrantzou embellishes her clothing with scenes of cartoons and enchanted landscapes. Although the designer is known for her fusion of fashion and technology to create madness within her pieces, it is refreshing to see a more feminine, wearable side of Katrantzou in this charming collection.

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