Poembox: This Time

Eva Zacharopoulou takes over the poembox this week to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

Eva Zacharopoulou
5th June 2020

America the great and the land of the free

Why do you lie to me?

I have never seen so much hypocrisy.


You planted the seed of hatred hundreds and hundreds of years ago

You let it grow and grow and grow

Well now, it's time, to reap what you sow.


You have superseded slave masters with police men and shackles with hand cuffs,

This time, enough is enough.


Your masks and your badges are meant to bring safety and protection for all types of complexion,

They are not shields you can hide behind to perpetuate your racist selection.


Britain I see you, your hands are not clean,

You and America are an institutional tyranny team.

With one hand we uproot the rotting system and hold it in your face,

With the other we point the finger at you to establish origin of place.


Fires that burn in the cities began in the hearts of the oppressed,

But cast your scrutinising eyes on the navy blue dressed.

Black people are not the transgressors,

The fires were truly lit by the actions of their oppressors.


This time change cannot be a possibility,

Change is a need, the utmost necessity.

We must keep the fires in our hearts at the same intensity...

Burning and burning,

The tables are going to turn, they are turning and turning.


Stay angry, stay loud, and stay proud.

There is immortal power in our voices,

This time they cannot kill it with their brutal choices.


Justice, freedom and peace are tangled together, connected,

This time they cannot be neglected.

Their bond is eternal,

Without one the others become infernal.


This time we must see to the desiccation of desire

for domination and discrimination,

This time we will send shockwaves into every imminent second,

This time we are a force to be reckoned.


This time will be different,

This time will not be forgotten,

It's not fair, It's not fair, it's not fair,

BLACK LIVES MATTER must fill every atom of the air.


This time it's not a dream,

It's going to be reality.

That's what it always should have been.

All images credited to @robineisenberg
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