Three tip top Insta artists

Gabriela Szczepanska shares with us 3 of her favourite Instagram accounts.

Gabriela Szczepanska
30th October 2017
Image: Instagram

Instagram is home to thousands of artists from all over the world and allows them to exhibit their work and build a following. Whilst it's great having so many artists' work easily accessible on Instagram, it also mens that many new artists don’t seem to be getting the recognition they deserve.

A few months ago I accidentally came across a young artists Instagram, @florencegivenart. Based in London and studying fashion, her artwork made a big impression on me from the very first time I scrolled through it. Seeing people use their art to make political statements is great. All Florence's works take a stand against racism, sexism, or social inequality. Her style is simple but there’s something so confident about the bold colours and thick black lines used to exhibit her thoughts. Not only does she encourage men and women to feel confident within their bodies and their decisions, through her art she shines light on social issues that aren't always see in the mainstream media. It is incredibly gratifying to see  young artists like Florence increasingly combine talent with standing up for equality,

He mocks the capitalist system we live in, our dependence on technology, but also what he perceives as mankind's struggle to be truly happy

Another artist I’ve come across who brilliantly combines standing up for equality with art is @johnholcroftillustration. Over the years Holcroft has gained a decent amount of followers, and I can see why. The style of his work closely resembles a stereotypical comic style. His art has a satirical edge; he mocks the capitalist system we live in, our dependence on technology, but also what he perceives as mankind's struggle to be truly happy. Whilst his work is very creative and his ideas are truly unprecedented, there is an interesting irony that Holcroft complains about technology on an online social media platform unaccessible without technology. I believe technology has opened many doors for society and it is what you make of it, and shy away from his work critiquing technology.

It’s clear that he has huge artistic talent, and that his ideas are also ingeniously original

Someone a little different from the artists above is @arte_de_gustavo__. As a person of Mexican origin, he paints in a distinct Mexican traditional style. The focus of his artwork bases around surrealism, as well as his take on animals and nature in general. It’s clear that he has huge artistic talent, and that his ideas are also ingeniously original. As a big fan of Frida Kahlo, I absolutely love his work that incorporates and honours her.

Wether you have heard of all of these artists or none of them, I urge you to take a peek at their work for yourselves and see what you make of them.

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