Throwback beauty: Trends We Miss

Nimra Rafique discusses all the beauty trends she misses from decades gone by, and what ones she wants to see return now.

Nimra Rafique
9th May 2018
Image Credit: @spicegirlsnet (Instagram)

The past has always had a profound influence on the present, and that’s also true in the beauty world. As beauty has evolved throughout time many different trends have risen in each decade which have helped shape and influence today’s beauty industry.

Although there are so many new and creative trends circulating in the modern day beauty industry, there are many that have crept back from the past and caught the eye of present day beauty lovers alike. Here are just a few of the trends I think should make a comeback.

Image Credit: @shaanxo (Instagram)

Lip liners were a beauty staple in the 1990s, everyone wanted that full, pouty lip and before the modern-day craze over lip injections, lip liners were the way to go. From Cindy Crawford to the Spice Girls, everyone used lip liners to create that big, beautiful look. There were many combinations; lip liner was used in various different ways throughout the 90s. What we call an ‘ombre’ lip now was also a trend in the 90s, although the transition between the two lip colours used wasn’t as seamless back then. My personal favourite lip liner trend of the 90s was simply using lip liner on its own all over the lip, with no added lipstick. This was particularly well done with nudes and colours that blended in well with one’s own lip colour, to give that natural looking pout. Lip liner also lasts longer on the lips than lipstick, and isn’t as drying. It’s a trend that I think many modern day beauty lovers would love, especially during the summer season.

The 80s was an epic time in terms of beauty; everything was bright, bold and beautiful. It was a time where people truly used make-up to express themselves and experiment with different styles and tastes. 80s beauty trends included bright pastel eye shadow, bold neon-coloured lips and big bushy eyebrows. There wasn’t just one part of the look that stood out. Today, if you do a dramatic eye look, it is usually combined with a natural nude lip or vice versa, but in the 80s everything was exaggerated.

One aspect from 80s beauty trends that I think should make a comeback is the love for blush. Blush was used in really fun, interesting ways in the 80s. But now blush has taken a backseat, while bronzer and contouring has become a craze. While I do love a glowy, bronzed face, a flush of colour can really brighten up a make-up look. Maybe don’t be overly dramatic with blush like in the 80s, where people wore it the way we contour today including on the temples, but don’t to be afraid of bright colours and different blush styles.

Nowadays everyone’s go-to make-up look usually seems to be a brown smoky eye, which I am also guilty of. But in the 80s and 90s bright coloured eye shadows were the trend, especially blue and purple. Recently Kim Kardashian launched a collaboration with her trusted make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic. Blue was a key colour in their palette, she even told guests at her launch party to wear a blue eye. Of course this lead to a blue eye craze as many beauty gurus began creating blue eye looks using the palette, being highly inspired by Kim herself. I think everyone should experiment with colour, whether it be blue, purple, pink, or even pastels to be on the subtler side. Using colour on the eyes can really liven up a make-up look, even if you just smudge a coloured eye shadow onto your bottom lid. This is a past trend which is already making a comeback, and I’d love to see more of it.

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