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Laura Freyaldenhoven shines a light on German band DOTE

Laura Freyaldenhoven
11th March 2019
Image- Wikimedia Commons- Rs-foto

With Newcastle being the place for everything indie, here is an indie-pop band you don’t want to miss out on! Fans of Two Door Cinema Club or The Wombats will most certainly love this four-piece from Essen, Germany.

Lukas, Jonah, Moritz and Niclas aka DOTE have been making music in this constellation for roughly three and a half years now. Having met at choir practice, a future in music was pretty much inevitable.

The most notable thing about their music is that it’s very versatile. There is no single style nor the generic “Hi, we’re an indie band” sound that we’ve all heard a million times before. DOTE is new, DOTE is exciting, DOTE is refreshingly different. But they still sound familiar, like your old favourite song transported into the 21st century. ‘Swim’ for example channels all the best of guitar music while ‘Bottles’ could easily sit on an old Two Door Cinema Club record.

In the past year, DOTE have evolved massively. Talking about this change, the boys explain: “We have started to move away from the defined structures of being a band. If a guitar doesn’t sound right to us in a song, we don’t use it. We have started to incorporate more electronic elements and synths, which to us was a natural progression away from “classic” indie to a more experimental sound.”

Their latest single ‘Mango’ is perfect proof. This song about looking for some sort of connection to fill a void starts off slow with a soft dreamy melody until the beat kicks in and you feel like breaking out your best dance moves.
With their unique and danceable sound, DOTE are revolutionising the German indie scene and I sincerely hope that they make it across the pond to prove that German music is more than Rammstein and Cascada.

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