Toast or Roast: The Dog and Parrot

Are the trebs and indie music enough to make The Dog and Parrot a toast?

Libby Griffiths
13th March 2023
Are the trebs and indie music enough to make The Dog and Parrot a toast?
Dog and Parrot might just be Newcastle’s best night out. 

Even by itself, or as the first stop before heading to The Cut on a Thursday. There are zero faults to the widely loved Dog and Parrot. You simply can’t outdo it. Amazing deals on trebs, perfect just-out-of-town for the indie gatekeepers, and banging tunes. What more could you ask for?

Obviously, the music is the best. You immediately know your crowd once stepping out onto the sticky floors and listening out for the first beats of Not Nineteen Forever. Almost everyone has the same look, mullets, the growing-in stage stache, Carhartt jeans. Basically the whole indie boy package. You can spot them from a mile off. Most people don’t ever seem to leave, either from quite literally being stuck to the floor from the layer of draught lemonade or because it quite simply is the best. 

Do I really have to say anymore? Dog and Parrot is officially the biggest toast yet!

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