Too much Mrs Brown?

Mrs Brown’s Boys has been given two Christmas specials this year. Ciara Clarke looks at whether or not the sitcom about an Irish Mammy and her family has ran its course

12th December 2016

When Brendan O’Carroll’s Agnes Brown first graced our screens in 2011, it was almost impossible not to laugh at her antics, not to mention the often rude humour which, surprisingly was openly accepted by even the most traditional BBC viewers. Soon the show became a classic but after three series, ten specials and not to mention THAT movie, has the show finally worn itself out?

“The emotional mottos behind each episode are heartwarming and genuinely moving”

When I first began watching the show in 2011, I instantly fell in love with it both due to the excellent family actors who bounced off each other so naturally, but also the emotional mottos behind each episode which, even though were lightly dusted over the humour, were none the less heart-warming and genuinely moving, adding just the right amount of humility to this comedy. A particular favourite for me was during a Christmas special when ‘Mammy’ Agnes Brown reminisced about her own father to her grandson Bono. The Christmas specials quickly became almost as traditional to BBC Christmas TV as the Eastenders  or the Doctor Who Christmas special raking in over 9 million viewers in 2013. The show definitely reached its peak here, proving that it is not critic reviews that make a show, but the views of those that matter, the people at home.

“Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie was a turning point in the show’s legacy”

Then it all came crashing down with Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie. To me, this was the turning point in the shows legacy as it clearly became more about making money than the quality of the comedy. Most of the gags were seen before, the acting was painfully awkward and the storyline just didn’t work on the big screen. Here, I had to agree with the critics, the movie was a complete disaster. I feel like this is a growing problem for most TV shows and films nowadays where it becomes all about moneymaking for the producers, rather than whether a spin-off or sequel actually works.

The following Christmas specials and the Live 2016 special seemed to add a little bit of the old sparkle back into the show. Although, here it began to feel like the same old gags and predictable, empty storylines. Nonetheless, I found myself laughing away, but nowhere near to the extent of the original series. I felt that, after gaining back some face after the movie, here would have been a good place to call it a day.

“Personally, I cannot see how the show has any laughter left in it, with the release of the two Christmas specials for 2016”

Personally, I cannot see how the show has any laughter left in it, with the release of the two Christmas specials for 2016. I feel that all the laughs and comedy will just be the same and will ruin the only-just intact reputation of the earlier series. Producers need to learn that sometimes, it is better to leave things as they were and move on, rather than play it out and ruin the magic it once had. Let’s hope I’m proven wrong!

Ciara Clarke

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