Toon defeat Leeds in first-class game

Olivia Hurrell writes about the Women's Lacrosse match between Newcastle firsts and Leeds firsts

Olivia Hurrell
6th November 2017
It was a close and exciting match between Newcastle firsts and Leeds firsts. Source: Olivia Hurrell

The firsts have had a turbulent season so far but after an impressive 22-1 home win against Liverpool last week, they walked onto the pitch with their heads held high.

Their confidence was hardly shaken when Leeds turned the ball over after the draw and they went 1-0 down in the first minute. Unphased but determined to level the score so early on, the girls rallied and Louisa gave them a hint of what was ahead by unapologetically slinging the ball into the back of the Leeds net.

Defence quickly settled into the game and after an impressive interception from Emily they were spurred on to score yet another. The Newcastle attack quickly found their feet, practicing a few of the set plays they had executed so skilfully in training. The excitement and energy quickly turned to feisty aggression, however, and a time out was soon called.

After a tactical team talk Newcastle were back in the game and the ball was flying into the back of the opposition’s net with goals coming in left right and centre, and Ella, Freya and captain Kitty bringing the goal count up to 6-4 at half time.

The score was close enough to not let Newcastle become complacent and with Leeds breathing down their necks they were quick to put the pressure up and turn the ball over at every opportunity in the second half.

"With three minutes to go and only one goal up Newcastle had only to maintain possession until the whistle was blown"

With a new goalie on the pitch this half, fresh faced and ready to put the defence in their place, Newcastle were forced to be louder and faster than before. In the defensive end Lara made a neat, but only too easy check and quickly had the ball in her stick. After a great run down the pitch, attack sprinting towards goal, Louisa effortlessly transitioned the ball off to Kat who scored her third goal.

Well-deserved man of the match Tilly had a solid game, seemingly playing every single position on the pitch, backing up every pass and aiding transition down the pitch.

With Newcastle’s eighth and final goal from Bella bringing them back into the lead and winning her the title of “Shot of the Match”, tension was running high and the play became more and more furious from both teams.

With three minutes to go and only one goal up Newcastle had only to maintain possession until the whistle was blown.

I don’t know whether those on the side line were shouting louder than those on the pitch, or which team was more determined but to say that emotions were running high would be an understatement.

So with the ball down in Newcastle’s attacking end they had three long minutes of teasing the Leeds defence and passing it around amongst themselves, holding the ball behind goal and catching their breath until finally the whistle was blown, signalling the end of an hot-tempered match and, more importantly, Newcastle’s hard fought win!

With the final score of 8-7 being perfectly representative of an incredibly exciting and closely matched game the team are very much looking forward to playing Leeds away in a few weeks, and hoping for an equally competitive (albeit less aggressive) game.

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