Top 10 Most Iconic Benson and Stabler Moments (Law and Order: SVU)

One of the longest running will-they-won't-they TV couples may finally get together. In preparation, here's a rundown of their best moments so far...

Carly Horne
9th November 2021
Credit: IMDb
Portrayed by Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, Law and Order: SVU's two most iconic detectives might finally get together after over 10 years of on-screen chemistry. In celebration of the long overdue romance, here's a look at 10 times Olivia and Elliot were an iconic duo.

10. 'Bombshell', Season 12, Episode 19

Credit: YouTube

When the murder of a seemingly regular man leads to the discovery of his interests in the swinging scene, Olivia and Elliot go undercover as a married couple in a bar that caters to the participants in the lifestyle.

Though not the first time the pair have gone undercover as a couple, this particular episode shows just how comfortable the pair are with one another and is a fan favourite.

9. 'Zebras', Season 10, Episode 22

Credit: NBC

Olivia instinctively knows something is wrong when forensics technician, Dale Stuckey (Noel Fisher) tells her Elliot has gone out for sushi.

When Olivia arrives in the lab, it seems her suspicion was correct.

Finding Elliot tied to a chair, Olivia sets about distracting Stuckey until he can be subdued. Though her methods are unconventional, they allow her to save Elliot and for Stuckey to be arrested.

8. 'Wildlife', Season 10, Episode 7

Credit: YouTube

When Elliot goes undercover to help the unit investigate an animal trafficking ring without telling his wife, Olivia seeks him out to make sure he's alright.

Members of the ring suddenly arrive at the house, convinced he has a guest (against their orders). Olivia assumes the role of a prostitute Elliot has sought out, getting up close and personal to save Elliot's cover from being blown.

7. 'The Outlaw Eddie Wagner', Season 2, Episode 3 (Law & Order: Organized Crime)

Credit: YouTube

If such an award existed, 'Most Dragged Out Storyline' would have to go to 'The Letter'. During a crossover between Special Victims Unit and Organized Crime, Elliot gave Olivia a letter he had intended to give her at her awards ceremony - the night his wife was murdered.

It isn't until the following season when we learn the contents of the letter.

In learning the contents of the letter, it's actually a pretty horrible thing Elliot had done in even thinking of giving her that letter on a night intended to celebrate her achievements. Especially in learning it was actually his wife, Kathy, who wrote the letter.

The last line of the letter, 'In a parallel universe; it will always be you and I', was written by Elliot, however, and is the reason this scene was just so good.

6. 'Fault', Season 7, Episode 19

This episode marked a temporary blip in Olivia and Elliot's partnership, where the partners put each other before the children they are working to save.

When Paul Gitano kidnaps two young children, the detectives are working around the clock to ensure they are brought to safety.

While in a train station, the detectives find Gitano holding one of the children hostage and before either of them can come to the boy's aide, Gitano attacks Olivia with a knife. Elliot chooses to help his partner instead of saving the boy - as a result of which, the child is murdered.

Similarly, Gitano manages to take Elliot hostage with a gun to his head and taunts Olivia about how she could leave Elliot and save the child. Just as Elliot did, Olivia chooses Elliot before the job - refusing to take a shot at Gitano and not going to look for the child.

5. 'Everybody Takes a Beating Sometimes', Season 1, Episode 7 (Law and Order: Organized Crime)

Credit: YouTube

When Elliot decides to become romantically involved with the ex-wife of an affiliate of the Mafia, hell is bound to break loose.

Little does Elliot know just how obvious his feelings for his ex-partner are until Richard Wheatley (said affiliate of the Mafia) airs the fact during an interrogation.

4. 'Philadelphia', Season 8, Episode 16

When Olivia's search for her brother calls her professionalism into question, she and Elliot must undergo psychological assessments to ensure they can remain partners. The verdict?

"They're too close," says the department psychologist.

"You're recommending I split them up?" replies Cragen, solemnly. But she disagrees on account of their effectiveness as police officers. They get off scot-free and get to stay partners.

3. 'Choreographed', Season 8, Episode 9

Credit: NBC

No words needed.

2. 'Scorched Earth', Season 13, Episode 1

Credit: YouTube

After using lethal force in the previous episode, Elliot leaves the squad without telling Olivia. Instead, Captain Donald Cragen (Dann Florek) is tasked with telling her that her partner isn't returning to SVU. Her devastation is tangible.

Since Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni are such good friends in real life, we can assume some of the character's hurt in this scene was shared by Hargitay herself.

  1. 'Return of the Prodigal Son', Season 22, Episode 9

Elliot's wife is dying, yet he feels the need to apologise to Olivia for the way in which he left her 10 years ago. Rightly so, since the way in which he left her was so incredibly thoughtless.

Viewers who stayed after Elliot's departure know how heartbreaking his departure was for Hargitay's character. But he acknowledges that and he infers just how much she means to him in the process. The emotional turmoil we can see in Olivia during this moment alone makes the scene an incredible moment between the former partners.

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