Top 5: Easter Eggs

Jacob Clarke talks Easter Eggs as The Courier moves towards Christmas.

Jacob Clarke
5th December 2016
Image Credit: Bethesda

5: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Jar-Jar Binks frozen in Carbonite)

This is pretty self-explanatory but still satisfying to find. The Force Unleashed provided great advances for a Star Wars game, fluid lightsaber combat and easy use of the force, but the devs really surpassed themselves with this one. The fate of Jar-Jar was finally sealed. The annoying amphibian nightmare that plagued the prequels was now unable to talk at all, sealed forever in a Carbonite hell. Thank the Midichlorians for that.

4: Heavy Rain: "Shaun!"

Okay, this one is cheating, this wasn’t meant to be in the game, it’s a glitch, but it’s hilarious, and honestly Heavy Rain wouldn’t be complete without it. Heavy rain was a dark, gritty and dramatic game. So, this provides some much-needed relief from the game’s darkness. At the end of the game you follow an enemy around an industrial site, he makes a dramatic speech, and intense conversation is supposed to follow. Or instead you can just press “X” on your PS3 controller and shout “SHAUN!!” continuously.

3: Fallout Franchise: UFOs and Alien blasters

This deserves to be here due to the longevity of the Easter egg. Bethesda are known for being kings of Easter eggs in all their series. Fallout has referenced Mad Max, H.P Lovecraft, Dr Who and many more. But its continued feature of the little green men in their crashed ship gives a sense of creepiness to the games. The reward for defeating the hostile alien species? An extremely powerful blaster that disintegrates anything in almost one shot. Worth it.

2: Batman: Arkham Asylum : Arkham City Control room

Within one of the many rooms of Arkham Asylum is a secret room that is easily accessible simply by Placing Batman’s explosive gel on a wall and detonating. So, it’s weird that not one gamer managed to find this room for an entire year, no one even noticed it was there. And what was so special about the room? It contained details about the sequel to the game, it was a confirmation of the sequel inside the game and no one even managed to find it. C’mon guys, try a bit harder next time.

1: Portal 2: Cave Johnson's announcements

We all know Portal 2 is pretty much a perfect game. A lot of that is down to the characters: the sinister GLaDOS and idiotic Wheatley. Also, the former CEO of Aperture Science, Cave Johnson and his egotistic, nonchalant attitude to his company recorded by past speaker announcements found within the depths of the game. “when life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade, make life take the lemons back! I don’t want your damn lemons!!!”

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