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Sam Blackburn blogs about his favourite gaming vlogs

Sam Blackburn
20th February 2017
Sam Blackburn blogs about his favourite gaming vlogs

The Completionist

That One Video Game is a channel which has been around since roughly late 2011 with it’s biggest series being ‘The Completionist’. ‘The Completionist’ is a show centred around the host Jirard Khalil trying to finish an entire video game in the space of a week. The show is extremely interesting, showing a massive insight into the content of many great games, a long with Jirard and former co-host Gregg creating a story centred around completing games, with Gregg being trapped inside an Xbox 360 at one point. There’s also top 10 lists and other gameplay videos to check out.


WhatCulture Gaming is what WhatMojo would be if it was located in Newcastle and actually enjoyable. Have to give big props to these guys, who have produced some great content from top ten lists, to gameplay videos and even humorous loot crate unboxing. One of the younger channels on this list, WhatCulture has been going around for a good few years now, producing informative and entertaining content in list form, and it’s great to see how they’ve developed. Hopefully WhatCulture Gaming can venture out into more content in the coming years to be a true force in the Youtube Gaming media space.

Joseph Anderson

For something a little bit different, then look no further than the channel of Joseph Anderson. I’m using Anderson as an example of a growing trend of academic video game critiques which can be found on YouTube, going in depth on the game design of many different video games in long interesting videos. Although they are all worth checking out, Joseph Anderson stands out as the finest one. His critiques on the Dark Souls series are absolutely fantastic and worth a look at. What’s important about Anderson’s channel is that it shows Video Games as more than just something we enjoy, but something we can analyse in an analytical sense.

Game Theory

On the other end of the more academic gamers, maybe Game Theory is more your cup of tea? Originally started out in 2011 by MatPat, the channel has expanded to so much more featuring new shows than just Game Theory. What’s great about Game Theory is the details MatPat goes into to explore the hidden meanings beneath games. Throughout this series he has explored multiple different genres and themes seen in video games. Some are light hearted, but others are extremely dark like his Earthbound video.


And for my last and possibly favourite gaming YouTuber, that accolade has to belong to the late great Fitzthistlewitz (isn’t actually dead). Although his time on YouTube was very bleak, Fitzthistlewitz made an impact. From his incredibly indepth reviews of games like Crusader Kings 2, Battletoads and Civilization V, to his amazing let’s play spectaculars of classics such as Mario 64,  Façade and a hidden unknown gem called Super Marion Bros, this is one Youtuber worth checking out. Sadly, Fitzthistlewitz decided to take his own life after losing to the Yogscast at the 2013 VGAs for the best gaming personality award. We are long awaiting his ghost to return and make videos after four long years.

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