Top 5 sexiest European countries

Looking for destinations for your next hot girl summer? These are the places to be!

Anna Nix
17th February 2023
Have you ever given any thought to what could be the sexiest country in Europe? Whether you base it on the accent, the food, the lifestyle, or the handsomeness of the people you probably have a favourite in mind. And so do I, so here goes the 5 sexiest European countries in my eyes.

5. Spain

The reason why Spain is on this list is definitely their love for life. Not many people can party like the Spanish and not many people can make it look as sexy. And of course, it is the country that invented Sangria, perhaps the sexiest drink on a hot summer day.

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4. France

France is known for being the country of love, which is why it has the fourth place on this list. It’s very romanticised and I must admit I may have fallen under its influence. I love the French language, somehow it seems that even mundane things have a certain kick to them in French. Wine, being an aphrodisiac and a current in the French culture just adds to their sexiness. And it couldn’t be an ode to the French if I didn’t mention their fashion. The way they experiment with clothes is perhaps the sexiest way out of all of us.

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3. The Netherlands

A country known for its openness to sex and sexuality. The Dutch are taught about these things from a young age within their sex-ed curriculum and as a result, don’t ever seem ashamed to talk about it. Throw in a visit to their infamous Red Light District and you have a country that is open about topics others are too afraid to talk about. And that is pretty sexy.

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2. Italy

Always sunny, a country with a passion. The famous saying 'dolce far niente' – the sweetness of doing nothing – from the movie Eat, Pray, Love, definitely influenced my vision of Italy. Now, all I want to do is nothing, but in Italy. And I don’t know what your FYP on TikTok is like, but mine is filled with Italians singing 'Sarà perché ti amo' in the streets of Rome. And I desperately want to be part of this cultural masterpiece. So, Italians singing, eating pasta, and 'doing nothing' is the reason why I see Italy as the second sexiest country in Europe.

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  1. Greece

The winner of the title of the sexiest European country is Greece! Having visited Greece, specifically an island in the Aegean Sea, last year the country left a lasting impression on me. I was struck by the sea, the warmth, and the unique lifestyle of the locals. Much like Italy, it is a lifestyle of living fully. The locals were never too bothered by anything, and any rules seemed to have evaporated from their culture. That meant no road signs, watermelon for lunch, transporting a drying rack on a scooter, and friends running into each other and stopping their scooters in the middle of the road. On top of that, it is the live Greek music in a restaurant, the dancing to those tunes, the waking up at 12, in time for brunch and dining at 10 in the evening, eating nothing but seafood, and going for a midnight dip in the sea, which landed this country this place. Because in the end, this lifestyle is as sexy as it can get.

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