Top 5 spring break destinations for 2022

Spring break is a great time to travel and here are some ideas where you may want to go.

Jude Parkinson
3rd March 2022
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Fancy a swift spring trip to Europe in 2022? Here’s 5 destinations to visit this season.

Dublin, Ireland

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The capital of Ireland is a close by choice for a short spring break, the city starts to come alive during spring with longer brighter days, its host to numerous food, music, and cultural festivals. With pubs and bars opening their outside seating again it’s the perfect place for a Guinness in the spring sun.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Spring really brings out the best in Amsterdam with the city bursting with greenery along the canals and the infamous Dutch Tulips start come into full bloom it’s a picture-perfect spring destination.

Budapest, Hungary 

Image: wikimedia

A trip to Budapest has lots on offer, known for its rich art culture and the Danube River it’s a popular tourist destination. The Budapest natural hot spring baths are a must when In Budapest with over one hundred to choose from it’s a great way to relax while away. With Budapest being a relatively inexpensive city, you can make the most of the city.


Image: rawpixel

Iceland is a unique destination no matter what season you visit, however its especially great for spring breaks. With winter like weather, you can still enjoy all the winter activities but with the favour of having more hours of sunlight to enjoy your days. With march and April also being the best months to see Iceland’s auroras!

Crete, Greece

Image: wikimedia

Crete is the most distinctive of all the Greek islands, the Samaria Gorge is a Greek national park where you can take tours through one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. Visiting Crete during spring allows you to avoid the crowds and too hot temperatures, instead it allows you to really enjoy its natural beauty.

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