Top 5 travel apps for adventure-seeking travellers

Amanda Goh shares her top five travel apps to make travel-planning easy!

Amanda Goh
16th November 2019
After a few long weeks of University, who wouldn't be dreaming of a vacation right? If you are itching to get away from the cold rainy Newcastle but don't know where to start, here are some travel apps you could use to make your travel planning much easier!
1. Airbnb

The first app on the list has to be Airbnb, right? If you have not heard of this app before, it is a marketplace which allows you to rent places to stay in the area you are vacationing at. There are plenty  of apartments for you to rent and a wide range of prices. The site now also offers even more than just lodging. With tours, offers and workshops, you will definitely not want to miss out!

2. Couchsurfing

Okay, this may sound a little shady but just hear me out. Couchsurfing is a service where locals allow tourists to stay with them for a few days while on vacation. While some may not be open to  the idea of staying  with locals, let me assure you it is safe. Not only that, you are able to mingle with locals and who knows, you might just become close friends with them!

3. Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor is something every one should use when travelling. It is a website which allows you to see restaurant and hotel reviews and other travel related recommendations. The reviews are as honest as it can be. If you are like me who plans there trips around the places they want to eat, then this is definitely worth checking out.

4. TripCase

If you love organised trips, TripCase is one for you. This app helps you organise your travels by making an itinerary for you. This includes flights, accommodations, restaurant reservations and more. All you  have to do is forward your travel confirmations information to the app!

5. Packpoint

While TripCase organises you while travelling, Packpoint organises you pre-travel. This app is a free packing organiser and will help you based on where you are going, length of travel, and even the weather! If you are always forgetting to pack things for your trips, try this app.

While these 5 apps are some you should definitely try out for your next travel, there are still many others that you could go for! So, go forth and explore!

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