Top Toon Study Spots

Three spots in and around campus to help you with the university grind.

James Kellett
8th November 2023
image credit- unsplash, John Schnobrich

Whilst studying the atmosphere and place you work in is crucial, many of us like to study in a variety of ways so here is a list of some places where you could work best.

A Common Room

Working in a common room can provide you with a mixture of study methods. The rooms can be used as a space for quiet study, but they can simultaneously function as an opportunity for collaborative work.

One major benefit of using your subject common room is the ability to work with friends and peers on your course, there have been countless of times I have come across problems in my study’s and many of my peers have provided me with unique solutions.

The best ones ones on campus can be found in the student lounge of Armstrong building, the old library and The Percy.


Typically, somewhere we would associate fun nights with our friends, Newcastle plays host to a variety of Wetherspoons, with one conveniently being located right on our campus.

One handy tip is to make the most of the hot drink refills, having the ability to fuel yourself with tea or coffee on tap can certainly aid productivity. Moreover, once you’ve completed your study session, you can treat yourself to some grub and perhaps a pint!

The Lit and Phil Library

If quiet study is your preferred method, but you’re still looking for a change of scenery, the Lit and Phil Library may be just what you’re looking for. Located on Westgate Road, the library is free to enter and open six days a week.

The Marj, third floor

Recently renovated, the third floor of the Majorie Robinson library looks stunning with new comfy chairs, little house study spaces and private cubbys perfect for online lectures.

'Designed with you in mind' the university has now transformed the floor into a studying playground with colourful furniture to stop your brains from turning into complete mush.

'The Dayshment'

Tucked away in the bowels of Henry Daysh, you will find a plethora of collaborative study spaces perfect for group project work and good wi-fi. Situated on the floor just above, is a convenient cafe filled with all the necessities required for a serious study sesh.

Handy tip! If you head to the café before 10am you can make the most of a tasty student discount!

NUSU top-floor

Many a late night has been spent here grinding out essays until the early hours of the morning. Boasting a mixture of individual and collab study spaces, the NUSU top-floor ensures maximum productivity for all of your studying needs.

With co-op and Luthers just below you. the location means you can pretty much spend hours slugging out those deadlines. P.S they have free pens!

In addition to housing a vast number of books, the building itself is a grand one and is steeped in history. Founded in 1793, the library has housed many students over the centuries and an institution such as this continues to enrich the minds of our student population.

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AUTHOR: James Kellett
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