Top travel destinations in 2020

Madeleine Raine shares her top pick travel destinations to visit in 2020.

Madeleine Raine
5th February 2020
New year, new me, new bucket list destinations! Are you itching to go sight-see in a beautiful new city? Desperate to go explore a new country?

Don't fret, we have our top favourite new travel destinations to go see this year! From the quiet of Hobbiton to the hustle and bustle of the streets of New Delhi; this year marks a new decade, and the opportunity to discover the beauty of our planet.

1. New Zealand

Australia has always been a destination for avid travellers and has grown in popularity over recent years. With the recent bush fires ransacking the nation, much of this tourism has been diverted to neighbouring countries pronouncing New Zealand a fresh alternative. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, this country offers a unique landscape spanning two islands and 103, 500 square miles. Whether you are a frequent hiker or enjoy causal ramblings this is the place for you! Wherever you travel there are natural phenomena around every corner. Mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, they all contribute to New Zealand’s calm and peaceful setting. Whether you’re star gazing at Mount Cook or sailing around Lake Taupo, you will never find a dull moment. New Zealand is also home to the filming of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, with their very own movie set attracting thousands of visitors every week.  

2. New Delhi

If the naturistic lifestyle isn’t really for you and you prefer a more bustling city destination, then New Delhi has something to offer. Flooded with markets, street food and extravagant architecture, this city has something for everyone. As a country birthing four different religions, India is not short of its temples and religious houses. Whether you’re visiting the ISKCON Hare Temple or the Lazmi Narayan Mandir, you will find stunning architecture that defines each and every corner of New Delhi. This city is not only renowned for its architecture and religious quarters but also its food. Whether you’re tasting the glorious street food that lines most avenues or delving into one of the smaller family-owned restaurants you will not be disappointed.

3. Barcelona

If you’re not wanting to travel too far and want a short city break, then Barcelona is the perfect option. Inundated with gothic architecture, this city offers a unique experience of Spanish culture. It wouldn’t be a trip to Barcelona without a visit to the famous Sagrada Família, with the extravagant detail found in every nook and cranny pronouncing this as one of Spain’s most prized works. Antoni Gaudí, designer of this structure, engulfs much of this city’s architecture and is something you certainly do not want to miss. This city is host to numerous museums and countless cafes and bars, all adding to the hustle and bustle of this popular European destination.

Whether you’re looking for a long-haul destination or short city break, the world is your oyster and waiting for you to explore.

Feature Image Credits: enjoytheworld from Pixabay (top), 12019 from Pixabay (bottom-left), kewl from Pixabay (bottom-right)

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AUTHOR: Madeleine Raine
MA History student with a BA in English Literature and History. Lifestyle writer and avid traveller who has recently branched out to also cover news articles. Twitter @RaineMadeleine

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