Tories are Sinking...Closeted Misogyny and Racism is to Blame

The recent Lee Anderson scandal says it all.

Cory Gourley
14th March 2024
Image:WikimediaCommons_David Woolfall

It’s a shame that most decent Britons who vote are lumbered with the likes of Suella Braverman, Lee Anderson and dare I mention Liz Truss, who use their platforms, which are bigger than the No.10 Lockdown Garden Gatherings, to spout crackpot conspiracy theories and outdated views surrounding Gender and Race. It’s doing the newly named ‘Nasty’ party no favours. But are we shocked?

"All Anderson had to do to avoid being stripped of the whip is apologise"

Take loud-mouth Lee Bl-anderson’s most recent comments aimed at the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, they were racially motivated, Islamophobic and just fed into Anti-Muslim Hatred. All Anderson had to do to avoid being stripped of the whip is apologise. The fact he couldn’t even bring himself to do that shows that these comments were no mere accident. However, Anderson’s vile comments are just the last in a long line of derogatory remarks made by Tories in recent times.

Let’s think bank to 2022, when Tory bank benchers voted against Misogyny being considered a hate crime. Not to mention the ‘Sexist of the Year’ award allegedly given out at a Tory Christmas Party. Oh, and to top everything off Kwasi Kwarteng who helped destroy the economy in a matter of weeks dismissed all claims of misogyny and harassment within the party with one toe-curling, car crash interview (surprisingly not with GB News.)

"Tory back benchers voted against misogyny being considered a hate crime"

Peroxide pushers high on insane extremist views and, quite frankly, those indulging them by not speaking out are not just delusional but dangerous too.

This is something that is deep rooted into the party’s core and it has also been rotten. From Enoch Powell’s racist rants to Thatcher’s Section 28 to Suella Braverman’s Islamophobia, this party has always ended up showing itself to be full of closeted racists, misogynists and homophobes.

The testing Tories are skating on very thin ice, much to the delight of many. The Tory Party is doing itself no favours, these sneering attitudes towards race and gender is merely going to incite further hatred, whether it is intended or not. So, if the Tories do sink, it’s their closeted Misogynists and Racists that are to blame.

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