Traditional Irish food you can make this Saint Paddy’s

Three delicious Irish recipes to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

Rhys James
13th March 2023
Image: Pixabay
With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner, it is time to stock up on some Irish essentials: potatoes, carrots, spring onions, meat, and just in case some more potatoes. Here are three delicious Irish recipes that you can try at home.
1. Irish Stew
Image: Pixabay

Beginning with the most well-known Irish dish, Irish stew is such a cheap and easy meal to cook, and to make it even better it can have Guinness in it. Traditionally, Irish stew is made with mutton, onions and potatoes, and some may add carrots - but for some reason, this is a very divisive issue. As with most famous dishes, the story hidden behind Irish stew is that it was common food for the ordinary. If you want to make this delicious Irish staple, then try this recipe.

2. Soda Bread

Image: Pixabay

A bit more of a challenging day in the kitchen, Soda bread is an Irish bread which every family seems to have its own alteration of. Some enjoy a loaf sweetened with a spoonful of honey or dried fruits, whereas others are keen for a seeded loaf - or for a bit of booze to your day, a mixture of treacle and Guinness. If you have a bit of spare time on your hands this St Paddy’s, then why not try to make your very own loaf of Soda Bread with this recipe here.

3. Boxty

Image: Flickr

Finally, Boxty can only be described as a potato pancake. Or maybe a potato dumpling. Or maybe actually a potato bread. However you like to describe it, it is doubtless that this piece of potato heaven is essential to anyone’s St Patrick’s celebrations. Boxty requires raw grated potato to be combined with mashed potato. This preparation should then be mixed with flour and salt, before being boiled, sliced, fried in butter, added to a pancake-like batter and finally, being fried. Alternatively, the mixture can be added to a pancake-like batter before being baked in a loaf tin, then sliced and fried. There are so many options, it would be silly not to try at least one. Here’s a recipe to give it a go.

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