Trailer Review: Cocaine Bear

The adversarial relationship between the human and natural worlds is an ancient one. Add a duffle bag of blow and a 175-pound black bear to that and you get the viral monster film of 2023

Anthony Welsh
13th December 2022
Image Credit: IMDb

In what can be described as a film about a bear that does cocaine, the trailer for Cocaine Bear dropped this Thursday aiming to swipe a gak-covered claw at audiences in February 2023.

The film directed and produced by Hunger Games actor Elizabeth Banks is a horror comedy film inspired by real events but told with a bump of poetic license. It is inspired by the story of a 175-pound (79 kg) American black bear that died after ingesting a duffel bag full of cocaine thrown by smugglers from a plane over a forest in the US state of Georgia in December 1985.

The trailer begins with paramedics entering an eerie wooden lodge somewhere in the forests of Georgia. A dead body blocks the door to a scene of bloody carnage. “Oh Jesus… what is that…” announces one paramedic. Emerging from the darkness, a giant CGI black bear covered in blood roars. 

Cue “White Lines” by Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel.

The late Ray Liotta, wielding yellow aviators and full 80s coke dealer regalia, commands a subordinate "A lot of cocaine was lost, I need you to go and get it".

Cut to a bear eating an entire brick of cocaine

“The bear. It fucking did cocaine! A bear. Did. Cocaine!!” yells the subordinate at Ray Liotta.

There really isn’t any further exposition required.

One thing cinema has told us in recent years is that man versus bear films win Academy Awards.

Here’s hoping Cocaine Bear does a clean sweep.

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AUTHOR: Anthony Welsh
Head of Online | Comp Sci. student | Newcastle

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