Transfer Market Preview: Which Prem teams need summer shopping?

There is sure to be a lot of movement in the markets this summer...

Ivy French
18th May 2023
Image: Twitter @zidanthfc
Out of the top 5 spenders in the 2022 transfer market, only 3 teams have secured a top 4 spot in the Premier League table. But it is actually Manchester City, who was the 9th highest spender with £134.4m spent, who is in the top spot after surpassing Arsenal who were first for the majority of the current 2022/23 season. Their top scorer, Erling Haaland was signed for only £51m, but has been a key part of their current success. With the summer transfer market in June fast approaching, other teams, including the top spender in the 2022 market could follow their example.

The second highest spender of last season at £217.3m, was Manchester United, who are currently sitting in 4th place but could benefit from signing a star player in the upcoming market, who can help them to potentially secure the top spot next season. In fourth place was Arsenal with £171.8m, with star signing Gabriel Jesus, and in 2nd place in the table, have had a mostly successful season other than recently slipping from the top spot. The 5th top spender was Newcastle with £165.5m, who have had an incredible season and are currently sitting in 3rd place.

Last season’s top spender, with a whopping £546.1m, in what can only be described as a shopping spree, was Chelsea, and their current season stats speak for themselves. They had the highest spend for a player, after signing Enzo Fernandez for £106m. Currently sitting at 11th place, an improvement after their recent 3-1 win against Bournemouth, this season is not one that Chelsea fans will want to remember. Chelsea should not be making the top spending list for the 2023 transfer market, and would probably benefit from investing in the players they already have instead.

Three other clubs that made the top 10 list who have not done so well are West Ham, Nottingham and Leeds. At 3rd place for highest spend, West Ham are in 15th place and only 4 points from the relegation zone after spending £173.3m on 10 new players. In 6th place, Nottingham Forrest are at risk of relegation in 18th place in the table after spending £164.9m for 29 new players. If Nottingham Forrest does manage to overtake Leeds United and remain in the Premier League, they would benefit from signing fewer, but better players in order to not have another season near the bottom of the table. In 10th place for spending, Leeds United spent £130m on four new players, although it is likely that this will not be enough to keep them in the Premier League, and that they will have to improve their team in the Championship.

Rather than splurging on new players in the upcoming transfer market, the clubs that recognise the potential that younger, cheaper players have to offer to build stronger, more driven teams that have a good balance of experienced and inexperienced players will ultimately do better.

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