Travel Photos: Berlin 2019

Meg Howe shows us her travel photos from her trip to Berlin in 2019

Meg Howe
8th February 2021
Since I don't think I'll be travelling anyway, anytime soon, let's take a look back on a trip to Berlin, Germany. This was the rather war, and sunny February of 2019.

Trigger Warning: mention of the events of the Final Solution in Nazi Germany.

The Reichstag Building. A embodiment of the political change and heartache that Berlin has suffered. This building represents the historic political torture of 20th century Germany. From the top of this building, you can see miles and miles of Berlin's beauty!

The Jewish Museum, Berlin. The utter horrors that the Jewish population faced in Germany have been preserved within this thought provoking museum. Through the use of art and architecture, this museum successful captures the emotions of the people. The silver faced can be walked across; they make a horrowing sound. This represents the peircing screams of those who were denied life as part of the Holocaust.

The Brandenburg Gate. Another historic peice of architecture, The Brandenburg Gate was constructed in 1788, after the orders of Prussian King, Fredirch William II. It marks the former entrance to the city of Berlin. It is well known for the procession of Napoleon after he defeated Prussia in 1806. The Gate was also used as a symbol of strength for the reconstrcution of Germany after the defeat in 1945. Having survived World War Two with only minimal damage, the Gates represent the Unification of the two Germany's after the fall of Communism in 1990.

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AUTHOR: Meg Howe
Passionate History student and Educator

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