Treat yo' self: expensive beauty treatments are worth the cost

Rashida Campbell-Allen argues the benefits of taking some time out to indulge ourselves in beauty treatments.

Rashida Campbell-Allen
28th October 2019
Image: unsplash @runejohs
University can be one of the most stressful experiences of our lives to date. With all the pressures surrounding us and with a reported 42.8% of us often or always feeling worried and anxious ( Don’t get me wrong, beauty treatments are not going to solve your student strife however they surely can alleviate and help along the way. Self pampering and time alone is seriously underrated. The process of taking time out for ourselves and indulging ourselves in a calming environment, detached from our everyday lives can work wonders.

The cost is not everything, yes, but if it is rare treat and with a cheeky discount added on to lessen the damage, they can be worth it., Treatwell and Groupon are great places to find local offers and great discounts making treatments and experiences all the more tempting. There is definitely no need to sacrifice your pocket, instead it is all about being clever with money where we can, and trust me, it makes the experience all the more enjoyable knowing you've saved some coins. 

Image: @Zenspa1

Beauty treatments do not just include the 24k gold facial masks or the latest laser-infused fad endorsed by the many celebrities and influencers. It also includes pedicures, manicures, massages etc, but do your research to avoid the harsh treatments that may just be 'hype'. 

"What's wrong with indulging ourselves every now and then and relieving built up tension and stress?"

The most important reason why I encourage a pampering experience is the inevitable confidence and happiness boosting effects. The results of beauty treatments are far more holistic than egoistic. Endorphins can be released which increases our feel good factor - spurring you on to jump back into the books with positivity. When you feel pampered and beautified you naturally exude an air of self-confidence from within and that glow will radiate tenfold. 

The host of benefits that come with the price tag (occasionally pocket stretching) makes all the difference. What's wrong with indulging ourselves every now and then and relieving built up tension and stress? We can get so lost in the whirlwind and demands of everyday life so a little indulgence and time for yourself, can surely only be salubrious. 

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