Trollied airs on Sky1, Monday 9pm

Helen Daly
2nd November 2015

Apparently, Trollied is back for it’s fourth season. That’s right, Sky One’s sitcom take of Dale’s Supermarket Sweep is set to return with some favourite faces from the past series.

Set in the fictional shop of Valco in Warrington, Trollied explores the comic lives of those who work and visit the shop, often with hilarious consequences. For anyone who actually works in retail, some of the situations the staff get into are actually pretty accurate. From annoyingly frequent customers to colleagues who simply don’t have a clue, everyone can recognise and relate to someone on the show.

The show works largely on stereotypes from the world of retail. Lisa sits on the checkouts and sticks strictly to her job description. Bubbly Linda works on customer services and spends more time chatting and gossiping than actually helping anyone. Manager Gavin always says he would rather be doing something else, but would never actually leave Valco because he loves it too much.

New to the team this year is the fabulous Miriam Margoyles, of Harry Potter fame, playing an extremely cheeky and saucy Rose. Joining the managerial team in Valco is Daniel, played by Doctor Who’s Samuel Anderson. He looks set to stir things up as a bit of a jobsworth with his strict style of management which will probably clash with he family vibe the team have going.

Trollied is not going to shock you as a stunning piece of drama, but it does what a sitcom should - keep you entertained. It’s warm, friendly and definitely worth keeping up with.

Trollied airs on Sky1, Monday 9pm

Helen Daly

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