Trolls (U)

Insert troll pun here - Miranda Stoner looks at whether Dreamwork's latest escapade in animation is worth that nostalgia.

7th November 2016

Trolls has been entering the subconscious of people from all walks of life through all manner of ways for months; from a high end make-up collaboration with M.A.C to the colourful stamp on Hovis’ Best of Both Bread. The marketing behind this film has known no bounds, which generally tends to mean a plotline lacking in, well, plot and poor character development.

Yet surprisingly, even after watching all three teaser trailers, on viewing the full film there are more laughs to be discovered as Poppy and Branch embark on their rescue mission to stop their friends being made into ‘casser-troll’ by a group of grumpy Bergens who believe the only way to happiness is through their stomachs - we’ve all been there! It’s safe to say everyone in the cinema found some humour in the 93-minute feature film; all eight of us that is. The film is everything you’d expect it to be, both funny and emotional with those nail-biting moments of mild peril.

The casting of Justin Timberlake’s angelic voice and Anna Kendrick princess tones were perfect especially in the film’s sometimes funny and often moving song scenes, of which there wasn’t an excessive amount. The animated bright colours and simple features of the troll creatures, set in a sparkling jungle of equally vivid backgrounds make the film visually pleasant to watch although there is nothing controversial to make the film ground-breaking. Moreover, the characters are about as developed as half-baked cupcakes but they are equally sweet and endearing and it’s nice to be reminded Russell Brand is still a thing, in his role as a very zen troll.

The ending is somewhat predictable but still a satisfying and uplifting conclusion, perfect as a temporary distraction from real life.

It’s maybe a film better seen with your younger siblings or immature friends, as despite numerous adult-orientated innuendos, it is exactly what it seems - another Dreamworks children’s film.

Rating: 3.5/5

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