Trump doesn't deserve any sympathy for catching COVID

Thomas Dickson discusses whether the President of the US deserves sympathy for catching COVID

Thomas Dickson
15th October 2020
The President of America has caught COVID-19, showing how indiscriminate COVID is. Stay safe everyone! Given the fact that COVID is as terrible as it is, and the President is who he is, it raises the question does he and other politicians deserve sympathy in these situations? Well, my answer to that would be it is context dependent. However, in the case of the Commander-in-Chief across the pond, I truly believe sympathy from many people would be hard to find and be underserved. 

Let me just say of course this isn’t wishing death upon anyone. The issue is whether sympathy is deserved for the President catching a virus that he has admitted to Bob Woodward on tape that he intentionally downplayed. The US has reached around 7.5 million infections, a number which would undoubtedly be lower if he had acted swiftly. I’d argue that sympathy would be last on the list of emotions for many, given the facts - and the facts are clear. I’ll take you through them briefly now to show that I’m not just some heartless man - that role indeed falls to the President! 

The issue is whether sympathy is deserved for a President who has caught a vrius that he intentionally downplayed.

As evident with his X-Factor-esque performance returning to the White House, masks aren’t hot with the President, as he removed his almost immediately upon arrival, despite being infected. It is estimated that between 66,000-100,000 lives could potentially be saved in the US by December if everyone wore a mask in public. They are essential. A man who shows such little regard for this and then goes on to catch the virus can have very little complaints. The President has also continued to hold large, albeit outdoor, rallies for his campaign. This endangered people with no social distancing and set a dangerous precedent. A President is meant to lead by example. He also cut a pandemic early warning programme’s funding last September. It’s funny how these things work, isn’t it?

Further, Trump has continued to hold mega-rallies, and questioned the effectiveness of masks.

I could sit here all day telling you how much he has mishandled the virus but I won’t insult your intelligence. Politicians increasingly affect our lives. If a politician makes decisions that endanger our lives, with sympathy and empathy not even an afterthought, like we have in this case, why should we extend those feelings to them?

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