TV for the spooky season

It's nearly Halloween, so what TV shows should we watch to get in the spooky spirit?

Mitchell Hall
26th October 2022
Image: IMDB
As a horror fan it's easy to see why so many flock to movies during the spooky season to get their fix of terror. Fast-paced scares and adrenaline condensed down into a handy one-to-two-hour format, with franchises and originals alike providing a near infinite flow of goosebumps to audiences.

However, TV offers something different and equally compelling in its own right. Longer, slow burn series can offer a more tense, drawn out and mysterious narrative that keeps you on the hook, whilst shows with short runtimes can revisit Halloween as a running gag that becomes a staple. Why not give these shows a try when films can’t seem to scratch the horror itch?

A near infinite flow of goosebumps is provided to audiences

My number one pick for horror shows to check out comes courtesy of Mike Flanagan, the king of recent horror shows such as The Haunting of Hill House and its spin offs. For me though his magnum opus is his Netflix series ‘Midnight Mass.’ The show is as much a mystery or drama as a horror for much of its runtime, but the narrative and core cast are compelling throughout. Set on a remote island, this eerie show will, as cliche as it sounds, really keep audiences on their toes. There were story beats I really couldn’t have seen coming and it kept the experience taught and suspenseful throughout. The horror elements are carefully crafted and sprinkled in generously right from the outset, and the big crescendo during the final episodes is gorgeous chaos that beautifully ties the show up with a bow. 

Another new release that I consider a gem is Epix’s FROM. Another supernatural mystery, a family find themselves trapped in a magic trap, a town which nobody can leave and filled with murderous humanoid creatures that inhabit the night. Engaging acting and an enticing core mystery that only becomes more perplexing as it develops. Even the creepy intro, scored with a haunting rendition of que sera, sera, sets the tone early and never lets it go. I’m eagerly waiting for news of a potential second season to continue the narrative, which means you have plenty of time to get up to date beforehand, with the box set available on Sky.

Shows with short runtimes can revisit Halloween as a running gag

And now for something lighter, and a personal staple of destressing whatever the time of year. Brooklyn 99’s Halloween heist specials have become a signature of the show and are endlessly entertaining and rewatchable. The ensemble cast that makes the show so wonderful on its own really shine here, and the characters in competition gives the show new dynamics that make sure the episodes stand out in a crowd. I adore the Halloween Heists, and as a way for people who aren’t fans of horror to engage with the season it works fantastically.

Image: IMDB
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