TV Review: A Discovery of Witches

'A pleasure to watch'

Vaishali Ramesh
14th November 2018
credit: youtube


A Discovery of Witches has only been on air for little over a month, but has captured everyone’s attention within this short span of time. The picturesque series is set in Oxford and based on the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. It’s seeming to charm audiences and draw them in to binge watch over two days – perhaps even making the viewer ignore their assignments.

The story line is not too convoluted. It has demons, vampires, witches, and one book that they’re all looking for. With a straightforward storyline, Mathew Goode of The Imitation Game fame delivers a spectacular performance as Dr Clairmont. He relentlessly pursues Diane Bishop in the hopes of getting his hands on an alchemy book that no one has been able to retrieve in years. Teresa Palmer as the lead Diana Bishop was a very good choice for the role: with her expressive eyes and mannerisms she has a magnificent screen presence. The supporting cast meanwhile are wonderfully cast and seem to be the perfect fit for each of their roles.

The best part about the series is seeing the lead female as a strong and highly-educated woman, an all-too-seldom role seen onscreen. Diana Bishop’s character has a history all to hersef but manages to portray a strong sense of independence and an ability to overcome hardship. However, with the storyline being so straightforward it is filled with plot-holes: mainly one where they fail to clearly explain what Diana’s powers are and why at times she is so easily swayed by Dr Clairmont.

Overall, the series is a pleasure to watch. It is fast paced and new elements are added in almost every scene. Unlike other stories of similarly supernatural beings, A Discovery of Witches is quite sophisticated and does not hold any typical clichés about the species.

A Discovery of Witches is available now on Sky

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