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This week one writer describes how Pride and Prejudice inspires her to travel around the UK

Emily Kelso
21st March 2022
Photo by Elaine Howlin on Unsplash
The 1995 TV serial adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is one of the most famous, not just for Colin Firth’s Darcy but also the awe-inspiring filming locations from across the UK. These locations are not just worthy of travelling to if you want your own Lizzie Bennet moment, but they also are fascinating in their own right. TV shows like this are a testament to how much there is to explore on our own doorstep if we just take the time to look.

Lyme Park is an estate in Cheshire that acted as the outside of Pemberley, and it’s easy to see why. Lyme Park is home to 1400 acres of formal gardens and woodland to explore, making it easy to get away from the crowds and spend the day in solitude. The house itself is similarly magnificent, with a history spanning six centuries that now entrances visitors with priceless books, ghosts and of course secret passages. What’s not to love? My only word of warning would be that the staff will not take kindly to any visitors attempting to push their significant others into the pond, in order to recreate a certain scene…

Belton House in Lincolnshire meanwhile was the setting of the Rosings Estate, the home of Lady Catherine DeBourg. Often called the perfect country house estate, Belton is surrounded by 1300 acres of woodland bursting to the brim with wildlife. For those wishing to go inside and pretend Mr Darcy is just a room away, the house is full of exquisite collections. From sets of porcelain to a lapis lazuli cabinet, it is clear Belton House is indeed an abode fit for a prima donna aunt. Don’t go wandering trying to find the home of Mr Collins, however, as his house is a 6 hour walk away!

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AUTHOR: Emily Kelso
Third year History and Archaeology student. Also a Comment Sub-Editor.

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