TV Shows That NEED Their Own Society

The perfect society doesn't exist- Oh wait!

Isabel Ellis
11th November 2021
Credit: IMDB
NUSU has a society for pretty much everything, but some of the TV writers think the Union is in need of some new additions. Here are some TV shows in need of their own society...

Doctor Who:

The best societies at university are timeless. Hence, I propose that a society be formed around one of the most popular shows ever: Doctor Who. I don't even watch this show but my friends liked it so much growing up that I just kind of absorbed the general concept.

Credit: BBC

What would this society do? I'm glad you asked.

In an ideal world, this society would collaborate with the Physics Society to build a time machine and go on adventures in time and space. That just seems like such a university-student thing to do. They would also defend the university campus from evil robots. In reality, they would probably do quirky photoshoots in random phone boxes, talk about which Doctor was the best and start drama online.

Elizabeth Meade


Credit: IMDB

Honestly, I can't believe Newcastle doesn't have a Supernatural Society. It would have been perfect for Halloween!

So, if I was creating this society and getting my 15 members (it's a shame that I'm not actually going to!), I would have a clear plan.

Step 1. Find like-minded people. Firstly, I'd reserve a lecture theatre and have a Supernatural marathon. Movie nights are always popular with a range of societies, so why not TV nights? We'd have to start with season 1, obviously, which may be the best season. The fact it's ever so slightly outdated just makes it more entertaining. It's not on Netflix, but as it's a made-up society, that doesn't matter.

Step 2: Create a range of social ideas! Apart from hunting monsters, which is going to be pretty difficult to do in Newcastle, Dean Winchester likes to drink and eat pie. As the Winchester boys wear a lot of flannel and check shirts, it'll be an easy dress code for a bar crawl. Now, the sober social can be a fun, homely activity of baking pies. A different flavour of fruit pie every month. Flannel drinking nights and baking pies - perfect!

Step 3: Our Committee. To immerse ourselves in the show, we would need co-Presidents to only be referred to as Sam and Dean during any social events. Castiel is an angel, so whoever is most like him can be the Welfare Officer, and will be referred to only as Castiel during events.

Maybe this could work...

Rebecca Sykes

Total Wipeout:

Credit: BBC

I believe the biggest loss TV has ever endured is the departure of the BBC cult favourite Total Wipeout from our screens.

Thus, I am putting forward that Total Wipeout would be the perfect TV show/society collaboration. I hear you ask, how would this completely preposterous concept work?

Well, as the future president of this completely made up, never going to happen society, I have set out a three-step plan on how and why this would work.

Our first meet-up will revolve around creating the course, we will search high and low for students interested in construction, as I am sure there are many, and farmers who are willing for us to let loose with approximately 10 million gallons of water and inflatables on their land.

Our second social would focus on recruitment, there is no doubt that this will be the most popular society on campus, and we will spend some time letting our new recruits practice on our state-of-the-art course.

Our ultimate step will be the Grand Finale (of course) - It's time to get those freshers slipping ‘n’ sliding around the course trying to achieve their PB. Whilst one member is doing the course, others will be waiting on the sidelines, sipping pints, and cheering them along. We will time all the participants, and the top 10 quickest will be through to the next rounds: Dizzy Dummies and The Sweeper.

And of course, the top three from that will be allowed into the grand finale. The overall winner will be knighted as the ‘President of the Total Wipeout Society’ for the next academic year as their prize.

Catch this society popping up on the ‘Join Us’ section of the NUSU website in 2022 and I’ll start blowing the big red balls now.  

Isabel Ellis

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