TV Time Travel: Jungle Fury

James Troughton reminisces on a childhood favourite (and still favourite) show that slipped under the radar- Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

James Troughton
1st December 2019
Credit: IMDb
The slippery slope that is Power Rangers is a nightmare to climb. It's steep, dauntingly high and incredibly difficult to power through. However, you will find some respite in Jungle Fury, the most underrated season of the bunch.

Most people, when you mention Power Rangers, will conjure up images of the cheesy 90s with Rita Repulsa crawling out of a trash can, others (such as myself) will picture some Dinosaur-clad 2000s kids. The more modern and hip youth will envisage some weird crap with a caveman (Why? why!?)

Yet, so many underappreciate and undervalue the gem that is Jungle Fury. Even if you're not a kid (or a manchild such as myself), then you can enjoy this funny, lighthearted and well-acted season where the trio team up to fight an evil emo who has some pretty severe daddy issues and no, I'm not talking about Kylo Ren.

I'm half-tempted to get my old action figures out and start slapping them together just thinking about it.

The costumes are a highlight and are honestly some of my favourite of the lot. The helmets are slick and animalistic, there's a lot of Tiger imagery and they have Wolverine claws at some point. I'm half-tempted to get my old action figures out and start slapping them together just thinking about it.

Maybe it's a blinding and piercing beam of nostalgia that's clouding my vision but I can't go back to the old Scooby-Doo films without cringing whilst this holds up. The mentor is a hilarious Kiwi actor, the red ranger breaks toxic masculine stereotypes and the bond that the three lead heroes have is unparalleled.

If you can't stomach over-the-top, kiddy cringe with thin plots and an over-reliance on loud noises, then you'll probably hate Mighty Morphin, the debut season that turned Super Sentai into a western hit. However, if you can get through shows like Kim Possible, Wizards of Waverly, Suite Life of Zack and Cody and come out the other end entertained, Jungle Fury is a no-brainer.

Sure, you can slap on Game of Thrones or Vikings and watch some brutal, political, heavy-hitting hour-long episodes that make you feel depressed and worthless (yet I keep coming back every week for that dose of sadness). Or you can take a breather from life and watch some Australians and New Zealanders wear spandex and fight some putty monsters as they shout "hyaaah!" and "hyoooo" every two seconds.
Credit: Legendary Power Rangers, Youtube

The villains are menacing and imposing, yet complex and interesting and the journey that the characters take from the start to the finish is a landmark in Power Rangers history. The red ranger isn't a complete moron who lets power get to his head who upholds that "I must be a man to lead!" mantra - he's a down-to-earth guy who learns to accept his flaws and work through them.

Oh, and to top it all off, they work out of a Pizza restaurant, training in the attic whilst they work downstairs during the day. It's possibly one of the best bases as it's not over-the-top sci-fi, which is part of what I loved about Dino Thunder's really early 2000s cafe as its setting.

So, give it a go - it's on Netflix (even though I wrote a whole article slating the service) and it's a blast. Put on some slippers, grab a hot chocolate and embrace your inner child for a week.

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